I am writing a novel and i want some opinions.

Dex-chan lover
Feb 10, 2023
One other thing: use "asked" and "said" for dialogue. "Replied" and other words that aren't "asked" and "said" (barked, shouted, grunted, etc.) make the dialogue writing look amateurish. If you must use "replied," use it sparingly--like, once for every ten or twenty times you use "said." "Said" is wonderful because it's invisible, allowing people to focus on what the characters are saying instead of how they're saying it.
i have to push back on that a bit. sure, if overused/unfitting to the vibe of the sentence, they're definitely bad. but they can definitely add some flavor to the text when properly placed. do they need to be used judiciously? certainly! but different speaking verbs can convey things that might need an adverb (or two) to properly describe if you only use "said". sometimes you do want to place emphasis on how something is said, and that's a good thing.

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