Kibishii Onna Joushi ga Koukousei ni Modottara Ore ni Dere Dere suru Riyuu - Vol. 1 Ch. 1.2

Dex-chan lover
Apr 6, 2023
When i was in high school, I want solo to homecoming.
A girl I kinda new very shyly asked me to dance, when i got confused (because I wasn't exactly the most popular or best looking guy) she mumbled something about how I always hold the door open for her.

When I mentioned I mentioned I did that for for everyone, she got mad and never spoke to me again.

Teenagers can, absolutely, miss GIGANTIC FLASHING SIGNS that people are interested in them.

Because they are dumb.

PS: I still hate myself.
childhood friend trying her best but damn mc is just not getting it but nice story
Cause he clearly likes Touka? I mean this was very well established
Dex-chan lover
Jan 22, 2018
Yomu-sensei doing the art for the LN? I'd bet he got involved because of how the two co-workers are into each other but don't know it like Douki-chan.

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