Looking for manga similar to Sundome/Ibitsu

Aug 10, 2023
Basically here is what I'm looking for:

-Nudity (nipples visible but no explicit genitalia, not looking for hentai)
-Story where the main female(s) teases or doms the MC
-* IMPORTANT * Story where it takes some time and build-up before we get to see the characters naked/having sex. I really dislike erotic manga that show everything right away. I enjoy the anticipation and teasing.
-Prefer female characters with flat-small breasts, no massive tits please
-Story that is somewhat engaging and perhaps dark/mysterious like Ibitsu
-Main fetishes (not a necessity but would be ideal): feet, urination, femdom, incest
-Would like the art to be reasonably clean and easy on the eyes. I get fatigued when there's too much going on on the page, I'd prefer something a bit more minimalist.
-Some other manga that I liked and which fit some or all of these requirements: Double Play, Akai Ringo, Prison School

So yeah there it is. Probably a lot to ask for, I know. Also yes I am a degenerate but I ain't ashamed. Sometimes a homie gotta do what a homie gotta do.
Anyway thanks in advance :)
Fed-Kun's army
Jan 26, 2019
Nozoki Ana or anything made by the author of this idk what else but there is alot out there just search using advanced search and include the seinen nudity erotic and sexual assault drama tags and you should get plenty of hits

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