Manga Header UI - add buttons for 1-click chapter navigation & shrink header

Oct 20, 2019
I was encouraged to repost my UI suggestions from reddit here.

Suggestion 1​

Consider making the static info in the header about chapter & page into clickable navigation buttons, like they are on many other manga reader websites.

My main missing feature when I first saw the Mangadex redesign was that it seemed like chapter navigation now took 2+ clicks (at least on desktop). Having now looked around a bit more, there are a few ways to do this with one click, but they all have their disadvantages, and one more option with different tradeoffs couldn't hurt.

Current chapter navigation options include navigating to the last page and then to the next page (that's 2 clicks and only goes to the next chapter); navigating via an unpinned menu bar (2 clicks to go to next chapter, 3 to select the chapter); navigating via a pinned menu bar (1 click to go to the nex chapter, 2 to select the chapter; but then the manga page is offset from the center of the screen); and hotkeys (must be memorized, might conflict with other browser hotkeys, and are probably not available on mobile).

Suggestion 2​

Loosely related: consider shrinking the header by 1-2 lines by putting the chapter title, manga title, and/or scanlator group in the same row like this. Right now, unless a user hides the header in their settings, it takes up a lot of empty space.
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