MC find a book to make girl like him ?

Sep 24, 2020
MC was an average office worker. He think his life dull and cannot find girl friend.

One day he find a book that tells him he can make girl like him.

MC went to bar with his male friend , and his male friend tell MC to try seduce a hot blonde woman sitting in the bar.

When mc try to talk with her, the woman with rude voice asked MC , what his job and how much his salary per year, MC went into silence and the woman mock MC saying MC was below her league and was trash, tell MC to know his place.

The woman then went away, MC then want to went home but found out the book went shining when he think about the woman. The woman then approached MC and pull her into bathroom and they have sex.

MC cannot believed what happened and want to use the book on his crush. Somehow the hot woman MC fucked become obsessed with MC and later MC found out the woman have high ranking position in his company.

I think MC used the book and his crush start to love and open to MC, but somehow his crush found out MC was going hotel with the hot blonde woman and the crush become angry with MC and start avoiding him.

There is also kinda NTR on it because MC senior who helped MC and tell him he will promoted soon if he helped him to arrange MC crush sleeping with the company director. Also i remember MC crush love the senior but the senior treat her like pawn.

Anyone know it ?

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