MPD PSYCHO [Didn't read the rules]

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May 3, 2024
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Yoooo guys!! do you all knw about the manga "MPD PSYCHO" it was stopped translating for years now.. But just 2 days ago a person translated a new chapter and uploded it... So if you guys can help me find the person who updated it.. It would be helpfull.. It would be a good news for us all if we can read such a great manga to the end !!

So please help me find that person.. I'm just going in all sites and asking this comment.. Or if you can tell me where I have my best chances to find the person!!

.. I wanna talk and request and begg that person to keep translating.. And if they need help cause I'm ready to help however I can only if I can get to read it... I can do anything.

Just a small request ✨🤧
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