Need help finding a title [Solved]

Apr 25, 2023
Hi, would appreciate any help finding a manga I though I had backlogged at some point but seemingly never did.
It featured some sort of catgirl that was either the demon lord or a bigshot within the demon and a youngish boy that I recall had some sort of death related magic (necromancy, resurrection etc) and potentially might've been exiled for it, not sure how they meet but one of the early chapter featured him cleaning up a room in her castle / mansion (either hers or the one he's gonna be staying in, but I have a vague memory of it being part of his new job), not sure it's isekai / reincarnation but it might be, for some reason I recall it having a fairly decent amount of chapters English translated back when I stumbled on it (think 50-70), setting was most likely fantasy-ish.
Any hint is greatly appreciated considering just how much time I've already spent looking for it in ways I could remember, even if you're not sure or it doesn't fit everything I'd still welcome any suggestion (the one thing that's 100% is catgirl demon lord / heavenly knight main female, anything else is more fuzzy though the room cleaning situation is about 99% sure as well)

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