Python program that tracks manga and sends you an email when they get updated

Jan 5, 2024
So I was really annoyed that this isn't a basic feature on the site and on my winter break so I made MangaDexTracker here :, to download it, just click on the link and then when on the github page click on code and there's an option to download the zip file
You will need to download python if you don't have it and the easiest way to do that is to just download off the microsoft store
Its a python program that will basically store the latest chapter of manga you're tracking and will send you an email when a more recent chapter is released.
You can either leave it running, in which case it will check every hour for an update and email you when a new one is released or you can just run it every once in a while.
its not very pretty but all the info is sent to your email so you dont actually have to interact with it other then to input your email at the beginning and to run it when you want to see updates.

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