Recruitment For a New Frontend/Backend Developer & Two New Mods Recruited

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Jan 24, 2018
Edit edit: We were able to find enough frontend/backend recruits, so applications are closed now.

Hallo hallo,

It's been three months since our last serious announcement, so here's another one.

We're looking to recruit another frontend developer to help the frontend catch up to the progress of the API. The frontend has plenty left to implement, such as our new custom list system for follows, integrating account profile with the forums and about a hundred other things. If you're familiar with Vue.js, NuxtJS and/or have frontend design experience and want to help out MangaDex, reach out to me on our Discord at

We're also looking for another backend developer to assist with work on the API. The API is farther along than the frontend, but there are still plenty of new things to be implemented. If you have experience with PHP and Symfony and also want to help out MangaDex, send me a message on our Discord.

We've also brought on a few more moderators to help out with the increase in reports being made lately. @kouyo has played an active role in our Spanish community so he's being brought on as a content moderator. @Richman has been an active member of the forums and is our newest forum moderator. He also coincidentally speaks Spanish. Maybe we'll be able to pick up a French moderator at some point with how many French scanlation groups there are...

That's all for this week folks, thanks for sticking with us for this long.



While we are always open to be surprised, note the following experience expectations:

Frontend: We expect you to have at least moderate experience with modern component-based frameworks. It doesn't have to be Nuxt and VueJS specifically, as multiple of our devs come from a React background for example, but no experience besides basic HTML/CSS and vanilla JS will make you need a lot of catching up.

Backend: We expect you to have significant experience with PHP and Symfony, and a good understanding of the concerns and techniques required for a high-traffic website regularly under public scrutiny. That is things like proper security practices, a decent understanding of SQL performance and optimization, having used some data and/or web caching software in the past (Memcached, Redis, Varnish...).

We also expect familiarity with generic things like git, docker, and continuous integration (aka CI). You don't have to be an expert of either, but hopefully it's not the first time you hear these words.

Finally, please do not apply if you have time the next 3 weeks then will be busy. We really want people able to dedicate time consistently over long periods, even though they have nothing to gain from it but a pink discord name.
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