[Schrödinger's Skirt Scan] is recruiting! We need a JP translator now! Pls join us!

Dex-chan lover
Dec 29, 2023
We are a new non-profit group that's dedicated to translate any manga that's cute, especially femboy/genderbender/crossdressing genre.

Spots will all be unpaid and we don't require experience. We accept freelancer, and anyone who wants to use this opportunity to practice too!

I'm looking for:
Translator (JP>EN)

You'll translate this series:
Shitsurenshita node Vtuber Hajimetara Toshiue no Onee-san ni Motemashita (I Was Heartbroken, So I Became A VTuber, But Then I Became Popular with the Older Ladies)
So it'll be even better if you have a good understaing about Vtuber stuff.

Discord Server: https://discord.gg/MNBaT3sG
Or DM me on Discord: rushbrother

Just ask me there!
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