[SSF Scans] Recruitment Open! Korean Translator/JP Proofreader/Redrawers needed!

Group Leader
May 13, 2020
SSF Scans is a solo scanlation group that focuses on Yuri & CGDCT manga that has no translations whatsoever. Well.... that was gonna be my selling point of the group until another group called lilyfever uploaded a whole lot of rare and otherwise unobtainable Yuri goods, but almost all of it are in Korean, and are just begging for an English translation.

The group's main focus is still translating Japanese raws to English, with me having only done one translated chapter for quite a few of manga, and I want to continue them, including:

  • Lily Lily La La Land
  • Houkago no Anata no Fleurir (one more chapter)
  • Suiren Kanonji no Kunou

If you're interested for one of the announced positions, give me a DM on here or Discord (SenoZK).

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