Suggestions for the Author/illustrator's pages

Dex-chan lover
Mar 28, 2023
Some small suggestions about the author/illustrator's pages, more precisely for the section "Works" who list all works made by an author/illustrator.

There should be some separation between the series and oneshots written/illustrated by the mangaka. By separation, i have in mind the same kind of separation you have in the "related" section for a manga, where "Main Story", "Shared Universe", "Sequel", "Prequel" and "Doujinshi" are separated in differents categories and placed one after another.

The rational is simple : some mangakas have made a lots of oneshots, and sometimes series, and their author's pages are full of stuff. So classifying their works may help to find what we want to read, because i think some people will prefer to go for the series rather than the oneshots. The anthology authors have participated to can be put in the oneshots section, but i'm sure if it's the best thing to do. The oneshots/series classification is quite simple and helpful, but another possibility would be to separate doujinshi from serialised works.

Also, sorting the works list by alphabetical order by default would be better.
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