Weird and absurd titles concepts

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Apr 30, 2018
I can't think of any suggestions, but this should be in the manga section.
Dex-chan lover
Apr 15, 2018
10/10 request. Here's a few, mostly crass ones I've come across in a similar vein, along with their blurbs. All wildly ranging in levels of quality:

Girigiri Out
"The story of a charming girl cursed to need the bathroom whenever she's nervous, and a reclusive boy with a special power that helps her hold it in. Last-minute adventures."

Kiss My Ass
"Yakushiji Teruki is bound by a demon that brings pain to humans. That demon's name is hemorrhoids. All of a sudden, a girl by the name of Miura confronts him. What does she, the unsociable classmate, want from Shiki-kun and his… anus? Find out!"

My Father is a Loli
"Tanaka is a high-school student with an odd interest in girls. One day, his father, who is always busy with work returns, but there's something different about him; he had become a loli."

The Wandering Dick
"It could be described as Gon, only with a gentler tone and a penis instead of a dinosaur"

"Isamu doesn't stand out, and everyone calls him a "side character" behind his back. [...] It feels like everything he's holding in is going to boil over, but when people start getting infected with a mysterious illness that turns them into monsters when sexually aroused, he will have to learn how to control the urges he has pent up inside in order to survive."
Battle manga where people's fetishes give them themed mutant powers.

That's just senpai's dick
"Collection of stories following the lives of several girls and their interactions with dicks that have been chopped off. Once off a guy's body, the dicks act as separate living creatures with a mind of their own."

"The cow Ushiharu was brought to the middle schooler Kiyoharu's farm. To the people around him, she appears as just a normal cow, but just to him, she appears as a sexy cow-girl…!?"
No twist here yet. The "monster-girl" is just an actual cow.

This gorilla will die in 1 day
Webcomic by Ishida Sui about a gorilla who will die in 1 day. 0% crass, only tears.
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