Co-op or head to head

Dex-chan lover
Jan 19, 2018
Probably not gonna get much traction here seeing as we're not social butterflies but I'm getting bored of playing single player and randoms are no good since you play with them once and they bounce. The game is total war Warhammer 3 I play normal or hard don't come at me with legendary or very hard I want to have fun not crunch my brain trying to cheese the game. If anyone wants to play let me know
May 15, 2023
Sorry, not a Warhammer player. I play a lot of 7 Days to Die, in co-op. Back in the day I would play games like Team Fortress2 and Counter-Strike, but now, PvP isn't my thing. I've encountered far to many toxic people in PvP games, and they just aren't fun anymore. :(
Feb 27, 2023
I don't play Warhammer, sorry. But if you're in the mood for trying out a new co-op game, checkout Deep Rock Galactic, it's mostly an fps though. Of course lot's of people just leave after but you'll often get friend requests, more so then any other game I've ever played.

Also, same as Evil_Geoff, I don't do PvP anymore. Too toxic, and the stress makes it very much not worth it to me.

Good luck!