Giving away manga volumes (USA only)

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Jan 18, 2018
Not sure if this is allowed, but...

I've been scanlating for >10 years, and have accumulated a large amount of manga in Japanese. I'm trying to downsize, and as such I'm giving away -- for the cost of shipping only -- a ton of volumes (US only). I am only shipping to the US because shipping is cheap within the US ($10 for 10lb).

The list: 2023 Manga Giveaway (gDrive link)
Contents: 100% niche manga, mostly from 2000-2015. 1-vol works and short series only. All genres, but mostly shoujo/josei and BL.

Just trying to toss manga at people who might want to read or scanlate it (or use it to learn Japanese, etc), rather than toss it. Please spread the list around. I update it in real time as more requests come in.

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