A manga downloader and offline library manager

Jun 14, 2024
Heyo! I made a GUI downloader and library manager for offline mangas in EPUB or CBZ formats and would like to share it! This is primarily for Windows (made in WinForms) but from my (admittedly not super extensive) testing it works with no issues and with no additional setup through Wine on Linux.

Project GitHub

Full feature list available on the GitHub, as well as a more detailed wiki about how each feature works!
Main features:
  • Paste in a MangaDex link and the program will make a .epub or .cbz file that's ready to read, no extra interaction necessary
    • The program automatically selects one scanlation of each chapter. If there is more than one scanlation for any given chapter, it will prioritize the one scanlated by the group with the most scanlations up to that point to maintain consistency. You can change anything about which chapters are downloaded though!
  • "Update" downloaded mangas to the latest chapter effortlessly
    • The program can add new chapters to any .epub or .cbz file, regardless of whether they were downloaded by the program to begin with or not. Again, you have full control over which chapters get downloaded / added
  • Organize your offline manga library with tags
    • The program auto-fills the tags, content rating and ongoing status from MangaDex, but you can freely change any of it, including custom tags
    • Quickly filter your library by ongoing status and content rating as well as with tag inclusion / exclusion, each with "and / or" inclusion / exclusion modes
  • Check whether there are new chapters for mangas in your library, individually or in bulk
    • The program saves the last chapter in your offline manga and can check it against the latest chapter available on MangaDex
    • The program can check all your mangas marked as ongoing at the same time so you can see what's new at a glance (and you can then go "update" them ^-^)
  • Can download and search for chapters / mangas in any language
  • Small program that requires no installation (portable) and only generates one file (where it stores all the info about your library)
    • Can be stored on removable drives alongside the library itself. It always tries to keep the paths to the manga files relative to the executable, so as long as the library is alongside or "downstream" of the executable changing drive letters or entirely moving the library is not an issue
This is not the full feature list! Please check it out if you're interested, and feel free to let me know what you think!

Thank you for your attention, I hope you like it ^-^

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