Have a more informative filename/link for image opened in new tab from Reader?

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Jan 7, 2023
After reading a not so recent post about what blob:https means when opening images in new tab (thanks for the elaborate answers Tristan)
I wonder if its possible to somehow change the filename of the images instead of the default index.jpg/png

Right Now, this is what happens:
1. Open a random chapter. for the sake of an example, let's pick Ch 1 of this twitter webcomic https://mangadex.org/title/642bf922...d-man-who-was-reincarnated-as-a-cat?order=asc
2. When Ch 1 loads, choose the first image and right click to select "Open Image in New Tab"
3. Save image

What happens:
image is saved as index.jpg
If you copy the image instead, it has the image UUID as its filename (copy image -> paste in a discord chat -> check the filename)

Instead of index.jpg, or uuid maybe it could be something more informative?
For Example:
maybe a format like $title-$chapterNumber-$chapterName-$pageNumber-$translatedLanguage-$imageUUID

In the above case,
Currently the new page looks like this: https://mangadex.org/dcd955cb-a0a3-4a84-b818-85521d08e2a8
Instead, it could be something like this: https://mangadex.org/the-old-man-wh...-PG-1-EN-dcd955cb-a0a3-4a84-b818-85521d08e2a8
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