Help finding titles 2.0

Dex-chan lover
Feb 20, 2019
I've been trying to find these two series for a while so any help in locating them will be greatly appreciated.
The more current of the two is a manwha focusing on a guy who ends up acquiring, via a thwarted bank robbery, a yandere stalker. The stalker also seems to be a rather elite spy who tries to insert herself into his life as much as possible transferring to his school and so forth. Another standout feature regarding this series is that there is a "filter" of sorts over many of the scenes or acts of violence in the series, by that I mean a cuteness filter where guns end up firing rainbows, sparkles, hearts and other instances. It was an endearing series I was following but do to site hiccups and brainfarts I can no longer remember the title.
The other series is an older manga set in a setting that seems like a cross between Chrono Crusade and post apocolyptic. It follows the protagonist and his traveling companions as they look into ruins and other concerns that threaten life in the area. The hook is the MC has some sort of compass I believe that has a powerful demoness imprisoned within and when things escalate he can either tap into her power and change the compass into weapons or temporarily upgrade other weapons they have or he can even be possessed by her. I remember there are people trying to free her and let loose other demons as well. The artstyle would seem a bit basic by much of today's standard but the premise and characters were endearing and the demoness was a character that even all these years later I still find to be cool. The series name had Lost or Soul or Pact in the title and that's all I remember. It's partly why I'm fond of the more recent Bishouken or possessed gluttony sword series that came out a year or two ago.

Thank you for your time in reading this and help help again would be appreciated.

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