[Mainsite] Opening search on Mobile breaks scrolling

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Jan 11, 2023
Issue: When on a mobile device, or on desktop with a narrow window width where the search bar is dropped for just the search icon, clicking the search icon and then closing the search panel breaks the ability to scroll.

Repro: When logged in:
  1. Navigate to Updates page
  2. Click the magnifying glass to open the search screen
  3. Click the X in the top right to dismiss the search screen
  4. Attempt to scroll down the page
Expected: The page scrolls down to show more updates you are following.

Actual: The page does not scroll. Switching to other Follows pages does not fix scrolling.

Workaround: Following any search in the same tab avoids the issue. Refreshing the page fixes scrolling (obviously). Switching to the Home page and back to a Follows page fixes scrolling. On desktop, resizing the window fixes scrolling.

I do also see a similar problem when performing those steps on the Home page, as scrolling breaks entirely on a narrow desktop window but continues to work mostly on an Android device (the header bar scrolls up some, so the top is cut off, but the rest of the page scrolls fine).
Yuri Enjoyer
Feb 16, 2020
The PWA mobile layout should be generalized on mobile soon-ish; which addresses this 👍
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