MangaDex Suggested Features: Megathread

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Jan 19, 2018
@Fadamor Sorry, with the way the search works right now it's either one or all. I've been working on the search recently though so maybe I'll take a look at how big of a deal it would be implementing that.


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Jan 22, 2018
Last Updated ordering should respect language filters.
Currently "Last Updated" seems to be ordered by any latest release. Instead it should be ordered by latest release in a language(s) user chosen.
Example: Follows list.


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Feb 9, 2018
Is there a function so I know what chapter I last read, after the chapters were removed? With the recent drama and a lot of chapters being taken down, I have no idea where I left off on some series.

Edit. Nvm, I see where it's updated, it's very hidden lol
Dec 24, 2018
I was thinking of maybe having a field for the publication the appeared in.
Like how there is all ready the Artist and Author links the list all the mangas on the site they worked on; have a publication link that shows what it was printed in.
For example, Once Piece would have the 'Shonen Jump' link. Then by clicking it, it will link you to other Mangas on the site that was also published in Shonen Jump
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Jan 19, 2018
Can you please copy the comment section of Batoto where you can easily reply to a user, quote a user and give their comments likes or ratings.

Much thanks if applied.
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Jun 8, 2018
1st time posting here, dunno if these had been asked before, but here goes anyways...

2 things/questions/suggestions, (maybe later i'll add more? who knows...)

can we sort our bookmarks/follows with read/unread instead of just by date? if we can, how?

can we get publishing status added/changed with monthly/weekly, etc instead of just publishing/ongoing?
May 6, 2018
I know this has been mentioned before, but I'm going to be bothered until I bring it up again.
It should be possible to search, but with all follows filtered out.
You can already do the reverse, and search only within the followed list.
Surely you could just invert the filter?
Jul 4, 2020
One feature that I think would be good to have is, in addition to being able to import from the Batato JSON format like on, being able to import from simple tab separated files (like the ones exported from baka-updates), would be nice to have too.

It's a really simple format that just contains:
Series name<tab>Volume<tab>Chapter<tab>Changed<tab>Rating
Volume and Chapter are only used for tracking if a site is on the currently-read list, so those are entirely optional fields as far as importing already-read or wish-list items (which are the ones I'm mostly interested in).
Oct 10, 2019
Haven't seen this is in the list of planned features, but many have probably thought about it: a way to signal interest in a manga for would be translators.

For readers if would be a specific "I'd like this to be translated", maybe with additional info like "because it was dropped/because the current tl is bad, because no one has touched it yet"

and for translators it would be a page with the info presented in different ways to help them make their choices: not just manga with the highest interest but also interest filtered by genre, time since last interested reader, motivation (e.g. because it was dropped), publication status, licencing status etc.

So new translators could easily find that one-shot that would be easy for them to start with while pleasing a lot of people, or know on which manga to start after filtering by genre/publication status.

A related idea would be an option to give more detail on the translation at upload time: level of Japanese proficiency (veteran, beginner, MTL), source language (often enough it's a second hand translation and not from the original language).

Another related idea would be ability to score not only the manga itself, but also the scan, cleaning, typeset, translation quality in order to give a better at-a-glance idea about the actual reading experience beyond the synopsis and overall score. As this is a website dedicated to fan translations, I feel like it makes sense to judge these elements as this is what the scanlation teams are in control of, rather than the story. This info could be aggregated and displayed on the tl group pages as well.

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