MangaDex Suggested Features: Megathread

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Jan 18, 2018
Post any and all ideas you have which you think would improve MangeDex e.g. reader, groups, follows, etc.
No forum suggestions though, they have their own thread here.
And remember that just because something is marked as Already implemented doesn't mean it still can't become better, so don't stop coming up with ideas.

Confirmed features coming soon™ to a MangaDex near you!
More genres and tags will be added, how many and which ones are still being considered.
List filtering.
Improve comments.
3rd party site integration.
More links to outside databases. 1 2 3 4
Add list of all comment and forum post made to user profile. 1
The manga page will be upgraded for support with all the languages. You will see different language descriptions, scanlation status etc depending on your display language setting.
Don't mark as "Complete" if the scanlation is still ongoing.
Links to official releases in other languages.
Choose primary language of manga title. 2
Exact match searches. 2 3
Custom private tags.
Hide current page before switching to the next one.
Bookmark specific chapters and pages.
Show/hide read chapters in follows.
Allow group members to choose whether to delay or not.
Autocomplete function for Search/Notifications.
Different RSS feeds for different follows lists.
Mangas of one-shot collections should also use the one-shot tag.
Mark some or all chapter of a title as read. 2
Author pages. 2 3 4 5 6
Notification And Highlight Bar.
Anthology tag.
Comment Like system.
Sort by Update
Show comments ordered by newest last instead of newest first.
Separate Genres and community tags.
Filter improvements for Manga status (ongoing/completed) 2 3 4
Separate IDs for authors and artists.
Mark as Read, Sort by column, Search before posting.
Titles language change according to display settings.
Search for completely scanlated mangas. 2 3
Hentai Tags.
There should be a much better filter system for looking for new manga.
Scrollable multiple cover images for works with more than one volume. 2
Standardize the country flag everywhere.
A clarification regarding manga status is needed to prevent confusion. 2
Ability to filter releases by certain groups 2 3 4 5
Filter Manga from manhwa and manhua
Proposal for a more accurate rating averages
*Custom follow lists. 2 3 4 5
Mark as reading from inside the reader 2
*Image icons for reading lists, etc. Hard to tell which without manga cover. 2
Profile Website
Strict searches and searching with description 2
*Manga search last updated to take into account language filter. 2 3
*Show how many chapters a series has when searching 2
use chapters as a main priority instead volume for sorters

Rejected ideas
*Make a chain-upload feature.
*Allow group leaders to edit their group names
*Language filtering on group chapter page.
*H filter option should be permanent.
*Change profile name color in top menu to white.
Volume covers should be as current as possible
Have all manga names be in romanji.
Remove the dropdown next to the quick search
Remove rating system and replace it with a like system?
Open-source Git Repo
A better tag for manga with trans characters.
Zoom on mouse over.
Info-box-on-hover. 2 3
Combined Spanish languages.
Make a separate site for hentai manga.
Limit certain hentais (possible legal trouble for users)?
Wiki Guideline for Genres and Tags 2
Creating a roadmap of whatever's planned for the site.
Option in settings to choose default status when following a manga.
MangaUpdates group URL 2
Website to Scanteams that don't want to be rehosted on Entry Pages
Change Announcement banner X to white.
Simple reader for small mobile displays.
Markdown instead of BBCode
Searching/filtering groups by language.
Merge Shoujo Ai/Yuri and Shounen Ai/Yaoi genres.
Multiple Group Leaders.
Add Relation and status field to upload page.
Change the sticky navigation menu color.
Logging public edits with Username, what was edited, & time stamp.
Showing Reading Direction.
Traditional Favorite.
Searching by id.
Synchronize MangaDex and MyAnimeList follow lists. 2
Seperate follows list for hentai.
Adding web novels / light novels as an option.
Username colors should be lightened up for dark theme.
Disqus for commenting.
Mark series as read even when they're not followed. 2
Available chapters on search results.
Custom manga external links.
Put a toggle ads button? (toggle off by default)
Any plans for Tsukkomi support?
Allow showing related links to H manga for people who have H manga filtered.
Suggestions : Delete Comment.
Add option to allow fit to container to expand image larger than native size

Already implemented
Add ebookjapan to links. 2
Blacklist unwanted genres. STOP SUGGESTING THIS. 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14
*Show own ratings in your follow list.
*A follow button on search results.
*User descriptions.
*MAL link button on user profile page. "Better than MAL" -Plyki
*Collapse "create new thread" and "post comment" buttons into one
*Separate and add more reader options for desktop and mobile.
*Make "Hide navbar" Permanent Until Turned Back Off/On.
*History of read manga. 2 3
* Random button on the top menu that takes you to a random series page. 2
*A refresh button to the random manga box.
A block user feature.
Follows on main page.
*Chapter List & Next-Previous Button Scroll-With page.
*"All demographics" search option. 2
Allow exclusion of tags in advanced search. 2 3
Fix the 'Recent forum post' box.
Go back one page by clicking on the left side.
Different reader settings for different devices.
Lazy Loading Images?
*Public and shareable follow lists. 2
New manga list.
Pagination. Will be added to more pages soon.
Different reader modes such as all pages at once/long read.
Group following.
Follows import from
Replace mode for existing chapters so links do not change.
Popular manga list.
Random manga picker. (Still needs a bit more work.)
Language Filters to show/hide chapters. 1 2 3
Concatenated/truncated releases.
Links to outside databases.
Release delay timer.
Images and not just the titles in the list.
Different views on groups page, search results and follow list, like you have on the Titles page.
Add theme-color meta tag for dark theme users
Publication status: discontinued/canceled/hiatus
Improved search. Include tags, different view modes. 1 2 3
Thumbnails on follows manga.
Sort new follows directly into preferred category.
Edited manga should scroll to top or manga title
RSS feeds -- follows, groups, manga.
Improved follows list.
More options in external links and links to official releases in other languages.
Gather oneshots belonging to the same anthologies into one page.
Ability to sort by language in follows
Sorting search results.
Full color tag.
Make an option for language and demographic free search
Follows Page Language Filter2
allow Group Members to read a chapter even when there's a delay policy
Make manga comments open in new window
Option to toggle on/off automatically loading the previous/next chapter.
Reading history
Some nicer way of pre-loading more pages for those of us with sluggish internet connections.
New Reader - Long Strip - Load ALL Images
Option to disable page turning when reaching the bottom of the page
New Reader: Option to completely hide side bar and progress bar
Dex Classic mirror.
Disable header on reader
New Reader: No option to ignore whitespace clicks
Feature request for Reader: Night mode
In Long Strip mode, make clicking and arrow keys not move to the next page.
Remember reader settings as default 2
Make the WASD keys to work the same as the arrow keys for left handed users.
Have chapter titles shown with the chapter # when selecting a chapter.
"Mini" Browser Support
Show author name on list view
remove dropped series from follows RSS
Taking the block a step further
Little space.
A warning page for hole in the whole chapters
Colourfull search tags for INCLUDED/REMOVE

Suggested features

General (AKA I don't know where these go)
*Tradable MangaDex currency. To highlight favorite mangas/groups/authors/artists.
*Circle name for artists.
*Make theme changeable from the sticky menu.
*Add Progressive Web App manifest to the site's header.
*Removal of tooltip when mousing over images.
*Better iPad support.
*A page that shows all the manga you have read.
*Don't add too many tags.
*Toggle High/Low Resolution Images to preserve mobile data.
*Recommendations page. 2
*Manga character list page. 2
*Better page navigation. (Go to page/go to letter...) 2 3
*Second chance genre tag.
*Will you guys look into i18n?
*A monthly subscription for traffic priority.
*Short description of a tag when hovering.
*Report button for comments.
*New Manga Dedicated Page 2
*Reader Mode that displays thumbnails of the chapters pages.
*Sorting from all list view types. 2
*Modify the external link entry.
*Be able to link by volume & be able to show the chapters grouped by volumes.
*Highlight where you've posted a comment.
*Weekly polls, like on mangaupdates.
*Review button for comments.
*Datetime tag on delayed chapters.
*Quoting on all posts (Comments, Forums).
*Magazine pages/Sort manga by magazine
*Onion adress to mangadex.
*Liking comments.
*Could series be listed by their name followed by vol/chap/page instead of the other way around?
*Please add the number of unread chapters to the "" overview.
*Different book icon near manga in a list to show if it has is complete
*Abilty to change list density
*Better RSS feed title and url
*Custom error pages
*Bookmarks nameing.
*Pos comment field
*Group names and usernames ellipsized/cut off
*Jump to first unread button
*Possible improvements for searching
*RSS filter for follows
*Help Happily_Grim find some friends.
*I propose to get rid of LATAM spanish
*Weekly Watch-Along
Series Clutter
Modify/disable reading history + increase history range
Add "Serialized in/Published in" info field on title page and form a Magazine DB with current and past titles published by that Magazine
Own Personal Review or Comment on Manga
Filter by more than one language, and separated options for main page/follows/search etc.
Unofficial Coloring
Upload date
Show breakdown of average star rating on mouseover
*Separate tags for 'crossdressing' and 'gender bender'.
Alternate ways to access Mangadex Scanlation Hosting Network
Language options/presets
Suggestion Only
Can we extend the auto-logout timeout at least 1 hour more?
Hiding blocked users

Front page
*Country flags on the front page.
*Mouse over info display on titles.
*Upgrade New manga box to also have its own page.
*Show delayed chapters.
*Expand most viewed in the last 6 hours, 24 hours and 7 days.
*Mark already followed series.
*Front Page Module Organization?
*More Options for Site Settings (Options for Main Page settings, Latest Updates section settings)
*MangaDex landing page auto reload on new postings

Titles page
*Add relations and external links to upload page.
*Indicator if there are chapters available for the manga.

*Import from MAL follow list.
*Email follow updates.
*Browser notifications.
*Sort follows by last manga added option.
*"Follow" function should create new tab.
*Show publication status in the list.
*Sort authors alphabetically.
*Show only read/unread chapters option.
*Feature to collapse updates. 2
*Make "age" field on follows page one character larger.
*Export follow list. 2 3 [4/url]
*[url=]Option to change the default list a manga ends up in when pressing follow.

*Completed list auto marks all chapters as read, can i have it asking before doing it so i can say no.
*Import follow lists from other sites.
*Add search function inside the follow list. 2
*Filter reading list by manga that have unread chapters.
*View Mode in latest updates.
*Sort Follows by Number of Unread Chapters OR Flag Manga as "Up to Date"
*add the "Delayed" chapters to the follows so that we readers can know when it had been uploaded to translator site 2
*New Follow Manga Option
*Auto-change status from "Complete" to "Reading"
*Feature Request: Pinned Series
Mass Manga Move to List
Add columns to followed mangas: last chapter read / last chapter released

*Status indicators for groups.
The groups tab to the right of the comment tab to show who's working on manga even if there are no chapters yet. +a Wanted tab for groups to find volunteers
Release and/or scan forecast

*Suggestions in a drop-down menu when typing.
*Show a [Read]/[Up to Date] on search pages.
*Automatic redirect in case of one-hit searches. 2
*Searching/filtering groups by language
*Filter search results by rating.
*Replace the demographic dropdown selection with check boxes.
*Sort new genres alphabetically.
*Better results on SEARCH
*Auto select search input upon typing
*Option to search Manga by length (no of readable images)
Option to search Hentai-only without having to mess with the toggle
Search using MangaUpdates ID
[MDS] Filter by followed/not followed in search
search by publication status
Title search includes title search without genre keywords

*Different filter setting on front page / manga page / follows.
*Filter unfinished manga.
*New filter for softcore.
*Add a 'Remove Doujinshi' option.
*Add a country of origin filter.
*Filter button: filter and hide manga with a single click.
"Safe" mode in addition to hiding hentai

*Comments on profile.
*User-made titles like "/ak/ Typesetter" or "Mahou Shoujo Fan"
*Integrated auth with other Anidex sites.
*Ability to edit the inbox messages
*Please add a setting that allows users to decide who can message them, e.g. mods only, mods + friends, everyone.
*Hide MDList list button on user pages if that user's list is set to private
*Don't resize avatars to 100% width on userpages
Pick a random default avatar for users without one and make it permanent for them, give options to change to another default
Continue Button

Manga page
*Make manga image clickable or add a button next to rating that takes you to the first chapter.
*Chapter comments should be below last page of that chapter.
*When a chapter is updated, change the upload date accordingly.
*Add publishers name.
*Add the amount of volumes/chapter in COO to see how much is missing.
*Tags for whether a release is using magazine or volume raws
*Don't update page when switching from chapters to comments.
*Commenting is not very intuitive and a New chapter warning?
*Anime relationship links and tags.
*Detailed follow statistics.
*Automark series as completed
*Automatically mark chapters only after the last page has been read.
*Report button for manga entries.
*Doujin association with series.
*On the Manga-edit page, please add an inline reference or a link to a reference page that instructs users on how to find the ID, Slug, or URL for the entry on which they're working.
*Publication Date. 2
*Original publishing frequency and original publication.
*Sort chapters by group.
*Sort chapters by language.
*Sort by oldest chapter first
*Allow dragging-and-dropping to upload files.
*Chapter Upload delay set time
*Add VNDB link.
*Indicator that a title has been licensed. 2
*Add "Tensei/reincarnation" as a genre tag.
*A checked and not interest button.
*A setting for each manga that tells us what chapter the series ended on.
*More granular group delay options / manually cancel delay after upload
*I think last volumes' covers are spoilerish...
*Number of chapters of the manga
*Solution for the crowded "Related:" section of the series
*Tooltip that shows full name of the chapter title if it was truncated
Cosmetic improvement for read chapter
Reddit like comments rating
[Minor Suggestion]Add Hide and Show in Manga "Description" and "Related"
Toggling Comment notifications for Mangas/Chapters
Edit denial.
Completed tag
Make a rate-given-treshold before said manga rating visible (or some other possibility)

*Update page titles to reflect current chapter.
*A "mark as unread" button that also takes you back to the manga page.
*Chapter selection, title name that takes you back to main page and a "back to top" button at the bottom in long strip mode.
*Behaviour of "Fit image height to window" image resizing/fit setting in "Long Strip" mode.
*Show the same "viewed" icon that is seen when selecting chapters in reader mode. Also include it next to manga titles in search mode.
make all those menus at top have its CSS position absolute after some scrolling so it will always on screen, then make it collapsible like the burger menu
*Long strip: Simulate scrolling via clicking
*Tap ‘failed to load’ notice to attempt to reload image
*new reader and old reader
*Allow to change/toggle keyboard shortcuts for different keyboard layouts
*Add link to scanlator's patreon/ko-fi on reader
Longstrips reading
*Could light themes have a BG colour that's very slightly darker than pure white?
For one page-long chapters, hide the page bar
For manga whose chapters are one page-long, precache the first page of the next chapter(or more)
Suggestion for viewing manga in long strip format
Title, chapter #, page #(as in x/z instead of the imo hidous and unwieldy page bar), comments and report-button without having to open side bar each time?
Being able to disable paging turning with left and right arrow keys

Add a "hide" button, that does exacly the same thing as the "spoiler" button.
Commentary section for each page
*Show how many comments a chapter has on the comment button.
*Comments should be embedded in the reader page like how they are on the manga title page.

*Mobile app.
*Low res mode for mobile.
*A more mobile-friendly chapter edit panel?
*Double tap+swipe up/down for zooming on mobile.
*click manga cover to go to first chapter
*Reduce the size of the manga info page
Fed-Kun's army
Jan 26, 2018

Funding Related​

mobile app

Could also be a paid mobile app or free but with in-app-purchase. As alternative way for people to support/donate for this site.

sell gold just like in reddit

Can be used to gild a manga series, a scanlation group, or just some post
Power Uploader
Jan 18, 2018
I'm sure I saw this somewhere

extra buttons to mark all or some chapters as read/unread.

Damnit, guide on how to use img tags pls.
Feb 10, 2018
Maybe get the WASD keys to work the same as the arrow keys for left handed users.
Currently the AD keys work for page turning, but I was hoping for the WS keys to work for scrolling up and down.
Aggregator gang
Mar 4, 2018
Well, how about fixing the languages filter, presently it seems to... do nothing at all.
Jan 18, 2018
Can we add the title and chapter of the manga on the bottom of the page too or at least back to top button mmm...~?
It's kinda hard to navigate to other (not next or previous) chapter especially if you use long strip in mobile mmm...
Jan 17, 2018
I'd appreciate "Isekai" as a genre to filter by/search for
I know 90% of isekai already have the word isekai in their name which makes it easy to find them but i feel like the whole genre is so widespread currently that it deserves its own genre tag
Jan 19, 2018
1) I second the "Isekai" genre. There are just too many out there for it not to qualify as one. If added, I am certain that we can get the tags properly added in those titles currently onsite.

2) While I have no issue personally with hentai on the site, we may want to look at and decide if there are limitations on what should be allowed in that situation. There are some types (like lolicon) which may actually cause legal trouble depending on different laws. I know that it is definitely frowned upon here in the US, and there are cases where a person could be legally in trouble. Would be a good idea just to make sure since we don't want government authorities coming in and using that as an excuse to shut down this place, not to mention there are groups out there that routinely make it a habit to target sites that have that material for cyber-attacks.
Dex-chan lover
Jan 21, 2018
I know we can filter by scanlation language, but I'd appreciate a "country of origin" filter of some sort (manga, manhwa, indo, etc), or maybe just an additional flag next to the manga title on the main homepage, just like we have on the page.
Dex-chan lover
Jan 30, 2018
I'd love to be able to follow authors and artists, not just groups or manga.

Also seconding both the isekai genre tag and the content filtering. I'd love to be able to hide all, say, mecha manga, or horror manga - I know I'll never want to read them, so I don't need them cluttering up the site for me.

(Could we also have more variety in the manga status tags, beyond just 'ongoing' and 'complete'? I'm never sure if 'complete' means the manga's done being published or done being translated+uploaded; and it'd be helpful to have a per-language translation status tag (i.e. 'done in English' + 'still ongoing in Spanish' + 'no chapters in Indonesian' all simultaneously.)
Jan 17, 2018
The ability to have a clickable link to your MAL on your profile. Something that looks like the ones on manga pages.
Aggregator gang
Jan 21, 2018
Haven't seen it around yet but: A way to filter chapters by language, so you don't have to dive and select from a possibly big chapter list for the one in the language you prefer.
Mar 11, 2018
can we have a "Done Section" just like the "follow Section". some mangas don't have myanimelist or bakaupdates.
Group Leader
Jan 24, 2018
Make theme switch just like hentai display switch on mobile
Useful if you walk aroubd a lot and want to switch in buildings
Sickly Senpai
Super Moderator
Jan 29, 2018
My biggest need/want for Mangadex is a "Preview" button for comment and forum text boxes. It's annoying to realize you fat-fingered a formatting block and have accept the mark of shame that is a "LAST EDITED x ago" stamp on your post.
Power Uploader
Jan 18, 2018
What do you mean by fixing the filter Anomander? is it the chapter language, display language or profile language? all three seem to be working for me
Group Leader
Feb 17, 2018
I don't mind seeing various languages on a manga's page, but it would be nice if you could specifically filter your follows feed.
Power Uploader
Jan 18, 2018
so different filter setting on front page/manga panga/follows if i understood you correctly EmiliaK?
Dex-chan lover
Feb 17, 2018
For long strip reading, would it be possible to load the pages closer to the start first, so it doesn't load 30~ images at the same time, or would the only method be just single image viewing and clicking between each image?

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