Searching for Manga Title

Mar 23, 2024
There is a manga that I have not read in a while that I am trying to find. Idr the title and thus far narrowing down by genre and demographic hasn't helped. I know I read it here on MangaDex.

Story as far as I remember (could be some inaccuracies):
  • Guy trapped in alternate world with no seeming differences from ours
  • He has to solve w/e problems are going on in the lives of people (all female scenario targets) in order to return home
  • Scenario targets had a rank on the standard D-S scale
  • Problems could be anything but often end up extremely complex (drug dealing, murder, etc)
  • There is yandere(ish) female char with a ??? rank that has a loose tie-in to every scenario he handles
  • Characters appeared to be in their 20s
Any ideas?
Group Leader
Jan 8, 2023
Ore no Genjitsu wa Ren'ai Game
Better to read it on other manga sites, as they have the official rip.

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