Site Updates - 3rd of May 2023

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Jan 18, 2018
  • Persistent user settings; the following user settings are now synchronized across devices when logged in:
  • Filtering of chapter translated language
  • Filtering of title origin language
  • Pagination size and list multipliers
  • Content ratings enabled
  • Site theme and interface language
  • DataSaver mode enabling/disabling + MD@H port 443 requiring
  • Scanlation group and uploader blacklist
  • Layout preferences for feeds and title lists
  • Layout preferences for chapter lists
  • The bottom layout padding on PWAs (that one being sync'd is a bug and will be fixed)
This subset of user settings are reloaded from our servers and applied locally on page refresh (and reloading 1 tab propagates any change to all your other tabs, if your browser supports it, which all reasonably modern ones do)

  • On the uploader when duplicate images are suspected, you now get a little annotation on the ones suspected of being the same image
  • If your OS theme is dark, and your browser supports it, the browser's blank page should be black instead of white (ie before it has finished loading the website)
  • The top-right profile menu now includes a quick switcher for your content rating settings
  • On the reader, on mobile, you can now pinch to zoom pages; the reliability of this will however depend a lot on your OS/Browser combination
  • On the site in general, add favicon for a new official publisher: NamiComi
  • On the settings page, there is now a dropdown for the site's interface language

  • On the homepage, the "Popular titles" carrousel now only includes titles marked as Safe or Suggestive (ie the previous default of including Erotica too has been changed), except if your settings allow pornographic content to be displayed or hide both safe and suggestive
  • On the reader sidebar, the chapter selection dropdown has been revisited to section the chapter list by volume
  • On the reader, the progress bar (when using "normal progress" style setting) has been redesigned and now also supports dragging (whether on desktop or mobile); it's really neat, try it out
  • The "random title" feature now allows clicking the sidebar's "Random" button repeatedly to get new results, instead of adding an extra reroll button on the title's action bar which was easy to miss

  • On group pages, the upload counter now displays a loading animation instead of 0 while the group data is being fetched
  • On group pages, when the group doesn't exist, a proper 404 Not Found is displayed, instead of a generic error page
  • On group edit pages, contact information changes now correctly gets saved
  • On group edit pages, some errors would result in an infinitely loading save button instead of the error being displayed
  • On the homepage, publisher icons are now displayed for official-publisher chapters
  • On PWA layout, the interface language selection panel was empty; now it's properly working
  • On the random title page, clicking tabs doesn't reset the url to /titles/random anymore
  • On the random title page, login/logout flow end up redirecting you to the current title instead of a different random one
  • On the reader, when the progress bar is set to left or right, the per-page indicators now resize as small as necessary to show all pages
  • On the reader, switching groups for the current chapter doesn't cause flashing anymore
  • On the reader, the custom background color setting is now properly applied and saved in all cases
  • On the reader, the progress bar doesn't get endlessly thinner as chapter page count grows
  • On the reader, the reader sidebar doesn't open on its own anymore on breakpoint change (window resizing on desktop or orientation change on certain phones/tablets)
  • On the reader, when using immersive/fullscreen mode, scrolling up doesn't send you a chapter back instantly anymore
  • On the reader, when in double-page mode and one page loads before the other, the loaded one isn't forcefully made small until the second has loaded for no good reason
  • On dedicated search pages, a search is not performed instantly on the first character entered anymore (and instead respects the search happening ~750ms after the last keystroke)
  • On the settings page, the blocked user list doesn't sometimes show as empty wrongfully when it's in fact not empty
  • On title pages, in the comments tab, the button to access comments of create a new comment thread has the proper label based on whether we have a preexisting thread of not for that title
  • On title pages, when the title was loaded after viewing the content warning screen because its content rating was outside of those your settings allow by default, the rating button would never finish loading
  • On title pages, in the related tab, the "show X filtered items" button is now working consistently
  • On title draft pages, when using a small display, the actions menu dropdown is now properly disabled (previously it was not disabled despite none of its buttons working)
  • On the uploader, certain classes of rare errors would not be properly displayed to the user and instead leave them with a few infinitely-loading images; they are now reported correctly
  • On the uploader, when uploading a longstrip-style chapter, the autoslicing might end up generating files that were unreasonably short in height, which would get denied (this is one such rare error from the point just above); slices are now roughly equally-sized with a target average of 2000px height, such that this situation can't happen anymore

While this release mainly introduces persistent (i.e.: synchronized across devices) settings and fixes a lot of bugs, we have also made a very large amount of internal changes both to clean things up and to prepare for langauge options across the site's interface. As a result, we might also have introduced some bugs on the way, even if we tried quite hard to avoid that. Use the Bugs subforum to report any issues you experience with the site.

Update - 2023/05/09 Hotfix

  • On the "My Reports" page, the pagination doesn't allow going to previous/next when you have 0 reports anymore - On the group edit page, the page doesn't load forever anymore
  • On the reader, in longstrip mode, opening and closing the page selection dropdown repeatedly doesn't cause the page to scroll anymore
  • On the reader, when using "browser buttons work" browser history mode, the browser buttons should now correctly work
  • On the reader, the chapter selection dropdown properly recognizes oneshots instead of showing a "Chapter none" option
  • On the reader, the progress bar now closes again on mobile without needing to open the sidebar or opening the header
  • On the reader, keybinds can be added/modified again, instead of only being able to delete them
  • On the reader, the pinch to zoom has been disabled on longstrip and widestrip
  • On the reader, when the pinch to zoom is enabled, it now properly zooms where the user in pinching rather than always in the top-center
  • On the reader, when the pinch to zoom is enabled, it now properly allows changing pages by tapping on the left/right sides, just like when the page is not zoomed in
  • On the uploader, another bug was fixed that may have caused some pages to load indefinitly
  • On title pages' art tab, the covers lightbox now supports arrows for navigation and has next/previous buttons again
  • On chapter pages edit page, the pages lightbox now supports arrows for navigation and has next/previous buttons again
Update - 2023/05/12 Hotfix

  • In various places, the site now handles very long single words better (breaking the text across lines within the word itself if necessary)
  • In the advanced search, the site now respects the ordering passed in the URL if present
  • On the reader, changing pages resets the page's position again
  • On the reader, when viewing a non-longstrip title in longstrip mode, changing pages now occurs in 1 click again, instead of 2

Known issues;
  • Inconsistent zoom behaviour on iOS Safari, a hotfix getting pushed out soon. Hotfix is live, issue should be fixed, post in this thread if you're still having issues. Scroll speed is slower than intended on iOS, we're looking at that too.
  • Zoom functionality when using longstrip reading mode on mobile devices is currently broken, developers are investigating. Second hotfix is live, this is also fixed.
  • Scroll position on page does not reset when changing page, this will be fixed in the next hotfix. Third hotfix live, issue is fixed.
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Mar 26, 2018
I've always thought the DataSaver option was explicitly left as a per-device setting to allow cases like turning it on on a cell phone (small screen, possibly mobile data), while leaving it off on your desktop (large screen, hopefully ISP with a decent quota).

I can also imagine there are cases where it could be useful to have different values for the MD@H port 443 setting (but I think I've never had to mess with that).

These two look like a formatting error (missing a newline before the "-" to start a new item?):

chapter list by volume - On the reader, the progress bar

when it's in fact not empty - On title pages, in the comments tab,
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Jan 18, 2018
What's up with the zoom bro? I used chrome on phone and it's not comfortable at all. Every Time I try to zoom, it's scrolled up to the top page and hard to scroll while in zoom. Thanks btw for everything
Hotfix was pushed out about ten minutes ago that should have fixed that.
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Jan 17, 2019
That update is just perfect, that's a long time I was hoping to keep my setting.

Just one thing to make it totally perfect, would it be possible to get rid of this warning message about giving your credentials to fake people each time you connect from a new device or a private session, I think we got it now ;)
You could have instead some kind of regular reminder (every 3 months for example)
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May 18, 2019
Ooo the site is looking quite nicer. Ah the good old days of legacy theme.
Thank you for your hard work and dedication. That said I would appreciate a way to hide the zoom reset button, if you're set on having it. It's very intrusive.
The zoom reset is pretty Pog but yeah it can be a little intrusive so a hiding option would be nice. Maybe a transparency slider for everything would be a good addition.
Nov 20, 2019
I'm on mobile and height limit is still not fixed, and now page need 2 taps to advance in both long and wide strip styles
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Feb 14, 2020
Thank you and the people that are working hard trying to fix bugs constantly. 🙌 We all really appreciate everything you guy’s do for us. \^_^/
Apr 6, 2019
Im on Edge on pc and currently the setting to have the url not update when scrolling seems to be broken. I've tested on firefox too and it has the same issue.
Sep 11, 2020
Is it just me or a lot of manga with a lot of views Don't have chapter anymore, it says "No chapter"
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Jun 11, 2018
Is it just me or a lot of manga with a lot of views Don't have chapter anymore, it says "No chapter"
Most likely from group that remove their chapter from mangadex. Like chibi manga that removes all of their manga from this site except some manga because collaboration project with other group

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