Switching to next chapter leads me to "sorry not found" page after refreshing ever-loading page

May 3, 2019
Hello, I just opened a chapter last read from my browser history and while it was still loading, I switched to the next chapter where I ended up with a pulsating orange dot on white background. Deeming this loading problems, I refreshed the page by entering the current link again in my browser only to find that the chapter in question couldn't be found (as told by a page featuring a sleeping (?) cat). Then I exited, and reentered through my reading history on MD starting from the same chapter again when it then worked without issue. Afterwards, emptied my search history, ran a short malware scan (without results - and afterwards a full scan, also without issues) butbefore deleating my browser's reading history I did see that the failing inventory number was different from the actual chapter's (though I only thought of posting here after I had deleted it so I can't copy it here as proof). A technical issue?


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Jan 25, 2020
probably you accessed a deleted chapter, considering the placeholder that you mentioned, the differences in url id, and the endless spinning gif, to be sure you should mention the title and wait if one of the mods could check removed chapters for that title

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