The Story of a Manga Reader Site that After Many Trials and Tribulations Reached its 6th Year of Existence!

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Mar 30, 2018
Congratulations!!! Thanks for existing and giving me a place to put my crap 💖
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Sep 2, 2020
No way.. it's been a year since the 5th anniversary!? Happy 6th anniversary MangaDex! 🎉 I wish the team all the best going forward! :meguu:

A little bit about me, I've finally upgraded from my old 17" to my new 24", I can finally use the superior double page format! :meguupog:
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Sep 10, 2019
Happy new year everyone!


i can't believe mangodex is now old enough to enter grade school.
someone should give dex-chan red ransel or something.
also tell her to be careful around old guys like you filthy folks.

anyway, congratulation.
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Jan 23, 2018
Hey y'all!

First of all, I want to wish a slightly belated happy birthday to us!
You better believe it we are still here and kicking, 6 years from the inception of the site. We've survived the tumultuous transition from the closing of another english speaking front-facing scanlation scene site (not unlike a certain manga-reading app), the spaghetti code our former overlord @Holo left for us on MD v1~v3 and the -not so recent now- attempted attack to our site by malicious parties which did make us go dark on hiatus and kill MD v4 (which tbh was already on life support by then), before pulling through thanks to the great effort of our volunteer devs, mods and admins as the current re-imagined MangaDex v5; which couldn't ever happened without the support of both scanlators and readers - a warm thanks to y'all.

It's time now to recap what's changed since last year. While most has been focused on internal infrastructure to support the millions of you out there, there are a couple of milestones that we can proudly share this year:
  • MangaDex daily unique users have grown almost ~30% (both readers and new scanlation teams of english and foreign language) thanks to our updated and easy to use platform and the continuous polish on our (currently on beta) language interface picker.
  • The biggest and most popular chapter release of a certain title with more than a quarter million views on the first 24hrs following it's release.
  • The impressive count of most overall chapters read, a whopping 20.5+ million on just one day.
  • And most of all, more than 3 million of you have registered to our site this past year only to use the full perks of MD (custom lists, chapter read tracking, rating, comments and more!).
Here are some features added since last year too:
  • Spanish as a site-wide interface language option.
  • Persistent settings, your user settings now synch across all your devices when logged in.
  • We added a Custom Theme creator, so you can create and share your favorite colours wrong original dark theme is the best to browse the site and read your mango.
  • Advanced Title Search update helping both our readers to find their favorite title to read and the site to survive the extensive use this feature requires from our infra.
  • Neat quality of life features for scanlators like individual image editor, auto slicer for long strip series, duplicate image warnings, scanlation group comments, and more...
And some things to be excited for the future:
  • Custom List v2.
  • The re-implementation of view chapter count.
  • Re-integration of the comment system on site (no more forum re-direct).
  • User profile customization.
Remember that you can always take a sneak-peek of these features by joining our Discord's #frontend-early-access channel.

As always, we appreciate y'alls patience and support year over year. Thank you for reading!

Now to our traditional Staff (and friend) quotes for the year:

ixlone - Admin

Lymus - Admin

Teasday - Developer

panda__________ - Developer

AlexEliot - Developer

Asyncantiunredoify - Developer

carbryvietia - Developer

Xnot - Developer

rdn - Developer

tristan9 - Developer

eralfl - Developer

Bottersnike - Developer

Zephyrus - Moderator

kouyo - Moderator

Electromaster - Moderator

Daviot - Moderator

AntsyLich - Moderator

Woulez - Moderator

glad-barfs - Moderator

Richman - Moderator

BraveDude8 - Moderator

Kafka - Moderator & PR

Henny - PR (Public Relations)

Holo - Former Overlord

Plykiya - PR (Pet Reindeer & Honorary Ex-Staff)

Bocchi - Ex-Dev & VIP

P.S. Custom theme contest participants, do not despair, winners will be announced very soon™️ :wooow:
I was just reading about a certain legal Chinese manhua site shutting down earlier today. Companies making huge profits can't seem to get their acts together and then people who try to actually pay for mangos get screwed over. Meanwhile our is still here sailing the seas. Thank you to past and present staff for their efforts!
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Apr 16, 2018
Has it been 6 years already?! Time flies when you live on a yacht...
damn holo i can't believe you sold out like jaiminisbox said /s

if that doesn't show how long i've been on this site, idk what does

thanks for the hard work, y'all.
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Jun 22, 2020
Thank you for your efforts in providing such a great platform and community for scanlators and readers! :win:

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