Your favourite manga that you discovered this summer

Jan 8, 2023
I find it hard to discover good 2023 manga/manhwa.

And 2023 summer has ended. In a lot of countries there is holidays or less work to do, so there is more time to read and discover (hidden) gems...

So what is your favourite manga that you discovered this summer ? :pepehmm:

Maybe we can share recent (or not) titles. 👀
Dex-chan lover
May 18, 2019
None, kinda. I don't really have such a thing as a favorite manga.
This I guess?
Dex-chan lover
Feb 16, 2023
Baki! I tried getting into several new lads to me! I tried Yu Yu Hakusho again, Seven Deadly Sins, Tokyo Revenger, Kingdom, Ravages of Time. I really liked Ikusa No Ko, but Hokuto No Gun haven't uploaded more chapters for the past FIVE YEARS!
So, as I was perusing youtube, after rewatching JOJO Stone Ocean for like the sixteenth time (I love Ermes, okay, don't judge me!) I suddenly get hit with the Baki Hanma Season 2 trailer! I was like "Wat? Wat? Whuh?"
And over the course of 2 weeks I read from the Grappler Baki, to Baki Dou and am now enjoying Baki Rahen when new chapters release. In my top manga list it's a good... hmm...
1. Fist of the North Star/ Fist of the Blue Sky
2. One Piece
3. Jojo
4. Baki
5. Sakon
A good number four, which isn't bad! I'm currently retrying Ravages of Time, alongside Hajime no Ippo. The Latter is holding my interest, and I just discovered Sakon was the Sequel to Shadow Warrior: Tokugawa Ieyasu, which I'm definitely going to read. Sakon was good (until all that ninja stuff)
Oh I just discovered a Narnia Manga which looks interesting! Loved the Books as a child, so I hope it's close, if not the best adaption!

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