Anata-tachi Soredemo Sensei Desu ka! - Ch. 7.2 - With Shinozaki-sensei (2)

Dex-chan lover
Jun 8, 2018

What do you mean "Ow"? What the heck happened. Was Hiro also drunk too? Headbutt into unconsciousness? There's no good answer here.

Figures, inches away from the act. On one hand, YamiYugi.jpg. On the other hand she should probably in jail lol. But I guess by now Hiro's slept with 2 teachers and was in close quarters with a Third. So, Gym teacher wins by process of elimination:wooow:.

Oh yeah. I completely forgot about the friend. I guess she's about to get in on the situation? Neat. But you're a normal friend in a teacher harem manga. I only forsee destruction. Especially since one teacher already confessed, kinda (first to confess and first girl introduced. Huge advantage).

The two parts could have been uploaded as one.

If that's how the raws release, I prefer to preserve that order. Makes it easier to track down pages if I ever need to compare rates.

I wanted to no cap fr fr bussin' but I know you guys don't like that.

Lmao. I was wondering for a second if someone new picked this up.
Dex-chan lover
Jan 8, 2023
At least Hiro and Shinozaki were able to clear up this misunderstanding.

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