[Forums] [Mobile Website] "Insert" button in insert image dialog overlaps and triggers "Post reply" button when pressed.

Dex-chan lover
Sep 30, 2019
Platform: Android 11, Chrome Browser (version 124.0.6367.113)
Screen Size: 1080x2340 (19.5:9 aspect ratio) (might be relevant for reproducing the behaviour, so I'm adding it to the report)

Description: When replying to a post (a chapter/series/group thread, in my case), the "Insert" button in the "Insert image" dialog overlaps the "Post reply" button, and clicking the former causes the latter to falsely register a click as well, posting the reply (without the image).
Note: This likely only happens with short replies that don't cause the textbox to increase in size (so 1-2 lines at most), otherwise the buttons don't overlap and the bug won't occur.

Steps to Reproduce:
  1. Open reply dialog on any chapter/series post.
  2. Open "Insert image" dialog and insert an image link.
  3. Press "Insert".
  4. If done correctly, this should trigger the "Post reply" button, causing it to attempt to post the contents of the reply prior to adding the image (this includes an empty reply prior to the image being added - in which case it will spit out the "empty reply" error).
Dex-chan lover
Jan 9, 2023
This also applies on other mobile browsers, and more than just image insertion--I'm using DuckDuckGo and I've run into this same problem where my fat fingers can't hit the tiny sliver of "Insert" that doesn't overlap the "Post" button. I suspect it's less a bug and more a "feature" of the software with regards to the popup box inside the editing window.
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