[Mainsite] URL does not update when changing pages using the dropdown in the sidebar menu

Dex-chan lover
May 14, 2018
When a user changes which page of a chapter they're on using the "Page" dropdown in the sidebar menu, the URL does not update to show the new page number. As a result, whenever the user refreshes the page or leaves and returns using the browser's back/forward buttons, the user is returned to the original page they were on before using the dropdown.
If the user navigates to another page normally (i.e. by clicking on the reader, using the arrow keys, or clicking the arrow buttons next to the page dropdown) after using the dropdown, then the URL updates correctly.

Steps to Reproduce:
  1. Navigate to a manga and open one of the chapters
  2. Click the "Menu" button at the top-right of the reader area
  3. Click the "Page" dropdown and select a different page
Expected Results: The page number at the end of the URL matches the number shown in the dropdown.

Actual Results: The URL is unchanged.


This issue was observed on Firefox ver. 111.0.1 (64-bit) for Windows 10 Home Build 19045 (OS ver. 10.0.19045)

Additional Notes:
  • This issue occurs in single page, double page, and long strip format.
  • This issue does not occur when jumping to different pages using the progress bar at the bottom of the reader area.
  • This is similar to another issue I've observed in the past. In that issue, if the user opens one of the chapters from the manga info page and reads a number of chapters further in, then they will be returned to that initial chapter if they use the browser's forward button after accidentally hitting the browser's back button. I tried to reproduce that issue as I thought it might have the same or similar root causes, but I was unable to. While that likely means it's resolved, I feel like I can recall experiencing it relatively recently so I think it's worth mentioning just in case.

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