Looking for JP->EN,RU translation commissions as a side gig

Jan 17, 2024
Recently quit my job to work on a personal project. Looking for JP->EN, RU translation commissions as a side gig. Can do EN->RU translations too.

Lived in Japan for around 3 years. 1 year studying at a language school in Himeji (small town in Hyogo prefecture) and 2 years working in Ichikawa (Chiba prefecture) as project manager's assistant at a small company. Was responsible for communication with overseas partners. Did some light JP->EN translation for the partners (project presentations and pitches). But had to come back to my home country due family circumstances after COVID pandemic.
Then worked as a media buyer for Japanese market (buying promo articles/video from Japanese bloggers and influencers) in my home country, before deciding to work on my own project.

I'm not a professional translator and may not be familiar with particular slang, expressions, etc.
Have no experience of translating manga.
Got JLPT N2 while studying at a language school.

I remember seeing recruitment page of one of the scanlation groups on this website around a year ago, but can't remember their name. They had prices stated in the ad (8-15 USD/page).

Send PM if you're insterested.

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