[Mainsite] Switching between Group Feed and Group Titles causes unexpected error

Power Uploader
Jan 7, 2023
Steps to reproduce
1. Open the group "One Step at a Time"
2. Check "Feed" section.
3. Click on Page 2 or Next page arrow to view "Feed Page 2"
4. Now click on "Titles" section.
Expected behavior:
Be able to see titles done by the group

Actual behavior:
"Titles" section page is empty even tho there were 2 pages of "Feed"
This doesn't happen if you were to do Step 1 and then directly go to Titles section
Or if you went from Feed to Titles without going to Feed page 2

Other details:
Lookin at the url

I guess what might be happening is that its trying to load page 2 of Titles section: something that is indeed empty
but then ends up in an inconsistent state which only gets resolved after a refresh

Tested and visible on both Firefox, and Vivaldi
and can be reproduced in both mainsite and canary

Miscellaneous details:
Also, I have a vague feeling of deja-vu since I saw this bug before but I'm not sure if it was reported nor was I able to find any reports. Thus, this report. If this is still a duplicate, feel free to close this or merge threads
Group Leader
Jan 8, 2023
Ran into this as well. An extra bit of info for the devs are that the "Feed" and "Title" buttons' link href's are fine (they drop the page query parameter), but an event handler seems to be handling the click and keeping the page parameter.

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