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Jan 25, 2018
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Made this thread so we can have a place where we can share our other non-manga fan translation projects, if it's against the rules just nuke it I guess. Figured there'd be enough overlap in interest in other mediums since I mean we're all weebs here, so...

Please share what you've got!


Anyways I'm the only english speaking Voiceroid fan on earth and I'm gradually translating a cute slightly degen slice-of-life series by the author kaana. Their stuff has a lot of live2D animation for Voiceroid skits, which usually just have simple VN style character sprites- they make their own custom live2D avatars and they're super cute AND THE WORLD MUST KNOW!

So here's episodes 1 and 2!

And my lazy plot synopsis pasted from the playlist:
"Deceptively wholesome series about the Voiceroid Aoi (a kind of android in this setting) with a cheeky attitude and disdain for humans, who purposely drove away anyone who might buy her, until one day quite the eccentric customer arrived..."

kaana's youtube (JP):

And for what it's worth, none of this is monetized and I got the author's direct permission to TL and sub it.
Mar 28, 2023
Just happened to browse this forum right as I finished translation for this one anarchist song: Mother Anarchy. Supposedly it's from the Russian civil war, but I can't be bothered to find any evidence of that, also doubt it given that it doesn't sound like it's from the 1910s. Anyway, I'm probably never gonna share it anywhere else so I might as well.
Longe galopas niaj ĉevaloj,
Ĉar liberecon karas ni.
Tra celil' mia maŝinpafil',
La malamik' serĉatas.

Anarĥio-panjo amas siajn idojn.
Anarĥio-panjo ne perfidas.
Kun hajl da kugloj, la malamik' estis.
Anarĥio-panjo por ni!

Mi pafos de distanceto
Kiam mi estas najbara vin.
Neniu kompat' dum batalo;
Ne malgajas pri io.

Mortigo; l' aĵ' kiu gajigas min,
Per la potenc' de mia amik'.
Mi povas vidi, en paco,
Nur la morta malamik'.
Nov 7, 2018
I TL the Humanity has declined novel series, it's a bit on and off right now, just starting vol 3. ANd then I found out george henry fuckin shaft had sniped me with a subpar translation of the entire series. smh

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