The Men's Room: With Bas and Jeremy

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Jan 8, 2023

I'll channel Bas Rutten and Jeremy St. Ives from "The Men's Room" TV show featured in Grand Theft Auto IV: Episodes from Liberty City. They'll address your questions about health, relationship advice, understanding your anger, and any other life issues you're facing. For more information about the show, visit:'s_Room

Alright. Drop your questions in the comments (It can be anything), and they will answer them. Here's an example:

Question: I'm a 17 year old boy in high school, tell me how to get a girlfriend?

Bas: Alright, kiddo, listen up. First thing, confidence is key. Walk into a room like you own it, but keep that ego in check. No one likes a bragger. Find what makes you unique, and shine. Be passionate about your interests. Girls dig that.
Jeremy: Indeed, my young squire. However, remember the art of conversation. Compliment her genuinely, listen intently, and respond thoughtfully. It's not just about sports or what you're into; it's about connecting on mutual interests. And cleanliness, my boy, never underestimate a well-groomed appearance.
Bas: Back in my day, I thought impressing girls meant showing off my strength, but let me tell you—there I was, right, and this guy looks at me funny. So, I just gave him a little, how you say, adjustment. Bam Bam, a quick one-two! And his buddy comes at me, and I'm like, whoosh, bam! and then, WHAM! Right in the kisser. The guy didn't stand a chance. Blood everywhere...
Jeremy: Bas, perhaps we could steer back to the less... violent aspects of courtship?
Bas: Right, right. What I mean is, it's not about showing off your tough side. It's about showing you care, being there for her, and respect, always.
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