tips for new LOL players!

Jan 28, 2021
i just got done with my first ai match my first match ever. and i still kinda dont get it. (stuff like the shop) and whats the best champion class and all that. i played with master yi and i like him a lot.
Sep 22, 2018
LOL is always evolving since Riot the makers alter strength of characters, minions, neutrally aligned monsters, items, and even the map itself. What is strong generally can be find just by looking up tier lists and the champions item purchase sequence (called build path). The goal of the game is to deal sufficient damage to the enemy’s nexus and destroy it. However you have to destroy at least a inhibitor (just a structure not too important) and a lane full of turrets (that deal a significant amount of damage early in each game) before you can even touch the nexus. But before you can hit the turrets, you need to kill the enemy players. But before you can kill the enemy players you need to buy items from the shop and to do that you need to make money. To make money you kill monsters, minions, and enemy players. Each team is under the same time constraints so every moment you aren’t killing something or at least absorbing exp from nearby dying minions your enemies are gaining a lead on you.
My suggestion is you not worry about best champions classes and just play a champion you find fun and get to learn the mechanics of the game. You can find a lot of answers online for every bit of questions that appear on the way. You can literally look up “how does shop in lol work?” And boom answer.
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Mar 17, 2019
The only winning move in League is to not play.
I saw the thread title and came here to say pretty much exactly this. Stay away from LoL for your own good.
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Feb 13, 2021
Oh, someone already beat me to it-

Best way to play League is never play it at all - I take one look at how toxic the playerbase is and go "I've seen worse, but not by much;" and getting banned for breaking rules in that game is entirely based on salty reports.

Besides, they made Teamfight Tactics and a few other recent games now - why stick to League when you could play one of their other games that (probably) aren't nearly as egregiously heavy-handed?
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Jul 9, 2020
I don't see what's wrong with LoL. I quite like it in fact. It has long gameplay too. As for the community, just ignore them.

For me the best class is probably "jungler". It has chars. like Master Yi. The best type is "Burst". Im used to killing enemies fast and that's the best for me.
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Jan 22, 2018
No shit, I lost a coworker to this game. He stopped going to work entirely when COVID hit last year and the very little I know about him now is that he's just at home playing League all day every day.
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Feb 13, 2020
Your best bet is actually what they're telling you. Your best move is NOT to play. If you DO play then here is some advice:

You should honestly pick a roll before you start playing seriously, this makes queuing up way easier and reduces arguments. The only way to do that is to look at matches, try some characters and go from there. I was a Support Main and often did Tank Support. #NautilusGang

Here are some general rules of thumb:

Mages: Pros, high damage and fun. No one gets to have fun until you say so. Your job is to be the bully that sticks everyone's face in the dirt and then run for cover and act like a big man when they inevitably get together to beat on you. Then you come back even stronger when they've failed and have somehow managed to take the physical ability of Saitama to their legs from half a planet away from them. That is your job. Exude a big JOJO aura and then cower like a Harem MC in front of the concept of commitment.

Cons, slow and people will always try to kill you BECAUSE you are a large threat. A single mage ability can end an entire teamfight if aimed properly. Since you're a mage you'll usually be attacking from either the middle of your team or the back, this is is not a downside in itself. The downside is that, unlike every other class, there is no wall high enough to stop someone from the enemy team from running straight to you. They will gather the courage of GOD himself just to run you down, die and then laugh at you from the grave. And that is assuming they don't have an ability to pull you closer, because then they'll just invite the whole team for an impromptu gangbang. At one point of another, you WILL know what it feels like to be a woman in a Hentai and you'll come back just like one too.

Attack Damage Carry (ADC): Pros, higher damage, can snowball an entire game. You are quite kid at school who decided to exercise his second amendment rights. All the while your tank will babysit you like you've just came from a car crash with brain damage. You are autistic to them and they'll love you anyway. Your roll is to sit back, get bullied, get fat and bully everyone else with the Mosberg Shotty that you, for some reason, labeled a bow.

Cons, takes a long time to get to that point and the enemy will be trying to make sure you never reach that point. All game. People will also place massive expectations on you and your game play. Your characters are HYPER sensitive to the small changes in a match. It is absurd how often something you considered irrelevant turned out to be your biggest downfall. You are a leaf and your team is the wind, in a hurricane of random probabilities and God help you if you can't steer yourself to the ground. Also that ground is on fire. Go there anyway.

Tank: Pros, you have a large health pool, for a majority of the game you'll be outright indestructible, others will rely on your.

Cons, come late game you are as much tissue paper as anyone else, you're just two ply. You are expected to be the one to initiate fights as your main job will be to eat the strongest abilities your enemy has and keep going like you just got came home from a strip club after your boss yelled at you for letting your kid crap in an amusement park when he was with his mom. You are literally the Dad of your team, taking the piss for your kid's mistakes and you're going to like it and deal with it only because you expect your kids to grow up, take an executive position and fire the enemy team from their seat at the "Alive" sector.

Jungler: Pros, You can stunt the growth of the enemy team, your existence will legitimately scare them enough to stop focusing on a fight, or outright avoid helping a teammate, simply because they don't want to get their spine snapped by you when it's turned. You kill mages and frustrate ADCs. All game.

Cons, Mid to late game, tanks will not give a single crap about you. At that point, you kicked a kid down in the dirt and said your dad could beat theirs and then their dad showed up, held you down so their kid could beat you, called your dad while taking off his belt, beat up your dad then took his belt, and then proceeded to fuse these two belts together into a super belt by sacrificing the remainder of your dignity upon an alter of never ending crowd control, remembered you existed and turned around give YOU a second, amped up and pissed off serving of his boot up your bum. Then he started watching you to see if he could add some extra lashes for any perceived slight as you sit there and contemplate the purpose of your existence and ultimately decide to never touch anyone near Big Daddy ever again. I would know, I did this a lot to junglers. Also you are to blame for everything, no matter what, no matter where, no matter how good the enemy team may be. You are to blame. All game. Everything.

Another thing to remember is that you should limit your intake. The game is designed to addict you to a certain extent, it's all very visually pleasing to your brain and that can be bad in a number of ways. Just remember to limit yourself to like an hour or 2 and you'll be fine avoiding the addiction phase (I believe). Yes, this does include if your friends ask you to play after you've spent that time.

The crafting system is simple. Each high tier item is made of lower tier items. When you click on it, you'll see what makes what. Your job when picking items for your build is to look at the high tier items you WANT (or need) on your character by the end of the game, and then figure out how to efficiently get the items that build to them.

For example, let's say you wanted the item "Knights Vow" right? This item is made of a Kindlegem, Rejuvenation Bead and a Crystalline Bracer. In this example, you WANT lower cooldowns on your abilities but the match shows that you need more health and sustainability. So instead of getting the Kindlegem which gives you health and some cooldown reduction, you'd go for the Crystalline Bracer which gives you health and some health regeneration. If you didn't have the money to buy the Bracer outright, you'd it's ingredients, a Rejuvenation Bead and a Ruby Crystal, to make it. Then you'd continue trying to get the other items, in a similar manner, to make Knights Vow.

Basically, think of the crafting system like a skill tree you can buy or sell. Each branch is just a step closer to the stronger branches above it.

Hope that helped.
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Jan 17, 2018
Don't listen to the haters.
I never played a MOBA in my life, but League and DOTA look like a lot of fun.
They even have e-sports with prizes in millions of dollars.
Who knows? Maybe you'll be the next e-sports champion, OP. Follow your dream!
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Jul 15, 2019
Yes, go play them and go crazy. Youre the best. after 3 months of playing those game i believe youll learn a new language, it provide you all the shit thatll useful in the future. Like how to be a clown, how to be a pros but the opposite, how to become you name it.

Its a fun games. Yes it is. Hahahahahahahhaahhah.
Seriusan main aja. Emang seru. Gw benci itu game cuman ya mau gmn lgi, udh g bisa lepas gw.

Also dont play Dota if you dont prepare your mental.

1. How to become an ATM berjalan
2. How to become a baby sister
3. How to become normal
4. How to become crazy
5. How to become a new hero first picker
6. How to become a "mid or feed" type guy
7. How to become a full support, has nothing but a tranquil boots 18 in minutes ingame
8. How to become a supportive guy "we can do it" then loses his own shit
9. How to become a pessimist guy "we lose this game. End fast" but still defend the tower and win the game
10. How to become a jungler "first item midas"
11. How to become a bully but got bullied
12. How to become a carry, but have no support at all
13. Abandon
14. This game suck but still played the game
15. Yes, i'm your support, but never on the lane
16. Yes, i'm your support, but buy a dagon
17. Yes, i'm your support, but buy a damn midas
18. Yes, i'm your support, but have zero ward on the map
19. Yes, i'm your support, but save your skill for killsteal
20. Yes, i'm going to first pick Spirit Breaker
21. How to become a first pick carry
22. Techies
23. One button hero
24. One hundred button hero
25. How to become a Meepo, but first pick
26. Putang ina
27. Spam your lakad matatang
28. Ping
29. How to become "All miss you should have listened"
30. Necromancer
31. How to become "mid or techies"
32. End



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