Genkaigoe no Skill wa, Tenseisha ni Shika Atsukaenai - Over Limit Skill Holder - Ch. 23 - True malice is only found in those you care for - 3

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Sep 26, 2018
He probably knew they were being followed, and realized it was going to be like that for as long as they travel together. He won't be stuck with just keeping the lady safe, he also has to care for the guards. He can't do any risky dragon-slaying adventures by then.
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Aug 30, 2018
I don't remember the novel too well, but i don't think he explained his reasons enough here.
Yeah, without more explanation it seems kind of funny, though I haven't read the novel.

"Eva, I'm sorry, but I gotta go see the world!"
"I don't want you to go!"
"I gotta. But, if you ask, I'll pick you up whenever you want." - thing said to the girl who just asked to come with him who he denied

without better reasoning, he's basically saying "well gee that'd be nice but uhhh... I can't. For... reasons", and offering no explanation of when would be a better time for him before running away. None of what he said is specific enough for him to not brush her off for the same reason as he just did later on, aside from maybe waiting until the count dies so he won't be lonely when she leaves (which would be a very funny reason for her to finally get to go with him).
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Jan 19, 2023
Runes on the dagger: "Dagger with mithril in the blade." Probably; not all are readable.

"No hierarchical statuses..."
Well, outside work. And social norms. But other than that...

"We will have to say goodbye."
No, it's a choice. And yeah, the context for that choice is a bit lacking. Considering everything that might happen, probably a good choice. If he keeps his promise.

If I had a nickel for every time an isekai protagonist abandoned a love interest for absolutely no reason, I'd have two nickels.
I mean, usually they just collect them like pokemons.
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Feb 19, 2020
So... this has a romance tag but dude essentially rejected the only possible partner because the one he is chasing doesn't seem to have romantic feelings for him... bro is seriously trying to destroy his life at what 14? And all in the hopes he finds the girl who does not feel the same... this should have the tragedy tag tbh
Jul 11, 2019
Why did you persuade the girl to come along with you, only to leave her on the road a mile outside town? Just to fuck with her dad? Or because you didn’t want her to know that your reason for travelling is to chase after the girl you bathed with until recently?
He’s seen a lot of wacky skill orbs lately, he’ll only get more and more powerful I guess.
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Jul 8, 2023
Thanks for the new chapter.

Will this be the trend he will be following? Like visiting a kingdom then leaving behind a harem member then later collect them all when he finally gets his onee-chan back?
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Oct 13, 2019
Not a novel reader, but I read a lot of comments and I also want to share my opinion.
While this chapter might lack direct explaination, we already got everything from previous chapters.

We know from the rabbit man that the old man in the mine that took care of mc and his 'sister' was not just an old man. So, if before Reiji had 1 question and 1 goal, he now has at least 2 question and 2 goals: for finding his sister and asking why she's acting like that, he now wants to know what the old man wanted to do too.
So he'll need to travel the world....and this ain't mushoku tensei, eva isn't eris, she won't learn swordmanship and be a beast of a fighter....the trip will be dangerous and reiji wants to play it safe.

Besides, there are no sign reiji has those kind of feelings for his sister....but we now know he loves eva. So that's that.
And to end....I mean, the knight following them....most likely a plan to give the two a bit of time to talk and say goodbye

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