[Semi-vent]I don't know what to do about my group anymore

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Oct 10, 2019
I've been running a small scanlation group ever since the pandemic, and needless to say, while it has it's ups-and-downs, I've become severely burnt-out to the point where I can't even bring myself to so much do the bare minimum anymore without feeling this sense of heavy dread and anxiety.
All of my staff just comes and goes, my readerbase is virtually nonexistent, and it feels like the harder I try and make things work, the more it will blow up in my face and making feel like I should've never bothered. But what really burnt me out was having to oversee multiple translation projects as the lead project manager, and my many failed attempts at recruitment since no one really gives a shit about my group.
I feel like I should disband my group to save me the headache, but I at least want to finish what I started. But in order to get things back on track, I know I can't do it without getting a project manager...which I've tried and failed to do.

I dunno, maybe I just want to know who and where else to turn to.
Jan 8, 2023
Sounds tough, maybe you need to learn how to let people managing the work of a chapter alone. If it's stressful and painful just stop the damage or change your way of working on it.

Good luck.
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Sep 17, 2018
I do things alone so maybe don't listen to me, but if you want to finish the things you started, maybe try this method: first, separate works that are completed in the country of origin (Japan, Korea, ...) and those that are still ongoing; order the completed ones in order of remaining chapters, from the least amount to the highest; start working on the first comic and only on that comic, until you are done. Do not start any other work until you reach the last chapter. You are allowed to work on multiple chapters, but it has to be of the same comic.
Once you are done with all the chapters, move to the second comic of the list, repeating the same process until you are done with the list of completed works.
Then, look at the ongoing comics and decide whether or not you want to keep going: if you don't want to, release a single chapter and then announce you are dropping it; when you are done with everything disband the group.

The rationale behind this advice is: if your staff comes and goes, instead of allocating people to different works while leaving others unattended, you concentrate all the workforce on getting to the last chapters regardless of whether a certain person is available only for one day or for months.

Of course, do not force yourself. It is perfectly fine to let things go, even if unfinished.
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May 2, 2023
If you're the one constant between people coming and going, then you're likely to be the problem.

Projects of the size of a manga don't need a project manager, that's a job that people that don't have any relevant skills to contribute give themselves. Any normal group of 2-6 adults can organise things amongst themselves perfectly fine without there needing to be management involved.

Figure out what you can contribute that would actually help these projects get finished. Then do that. Or stop. There's hundreds of manga that just get dropped, you aren't the first and you won't be the last.
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Jun 1, 2018
I've been managing my group by myself from the start, from recruiting, assigning task, updating worksheet, etc. I occassionally asked my staff to help with uploading chapters to drive if I was too lazy to do it.
I had those feelings especially around 2020-2021 where I thought it's too much for me to handle, moreover many people got busy and left with or without words.
I don't like working on three type (manghwahua) cause I thought it was a pain in the ass. Finding people to help with are already hard enough, that's why I stick with manga only, easy to manage.

I think you shouldn't pick up a lot projects when you know you have a little staff (especially around this time), that's what I've always did. Keep posting recruitment for your group. And you prolly need someone in your group to talk with, someone you can trust. I sometimes talk to one of my close staffs when I have a worry about the group, and it helps to ease the burden. Sorry if this doesn't really help.

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