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Feb 13, 2024
Anyways, Jesus would hate that you're on this website, lol.
What is so objectionable about reading manga? There was never any sort of commandment of "thou shall not engage in recreational reading" and before you mention some of the things avaliable to read here mangadex is one of the best websites for reading manga because it actually has a filter function so you can avoid properly tagged manga with objectionable content and better use your own discretion to choose manga that isn't degrading your morality(wanted to use an antonym of uplifting but I can't find a good one)
I'm not really going to touch your other arguments as I am poor in my arguing skills but I'm honestly confused by this statement you stuck at the end of this comment
Jan 21, 2018
So it's Lewis after all. And man. Anthony has become a full-blown cult leader. You can't get anymore cultish than "Church of Christopher".

When Lewis says the shadow with him failed unification, that made me wonder. Isn't he a unified shadow adult? Why does he have both shadow and human forms if the unification failed...? Or was he talking about a different human/shadow pair?

So what exactly is Anthony? Is he really just a human, or maybe he is a human who (somehow) gained shadow form and power from a failed unification? Or he and Lewis are both shadow adults who lie and pretend the unification failed, but in reality they are just a different group of rebels plotting for a coup against the top shadows? This chapter just raises more questions than answers.

Damn, the delay in our protagonists' operation meant that a different faction got to Louise and Lou first. I can't even tell if they intend for her to complete unification, or perhaps "fail" it and become like them, or stay as separate beings like Kate and friends want her to. It would be interesting if Ram gets there soon, but it could also be dangerous for her, since Anthony can just kill her like he did with Maggie. This is a very tense situation.
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Dec 6, 2019
Oh, shit. He's a bona fide megalomaniac. Anthony used the long gone "saviour" to control his followers.

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