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Jan 24, 2018
The Navbar is located at the top of the website. It is where you can access all the features on the site.

Having an account on MangaDex enables many of the site’s features.
User Settings
The site is quite bright normally. You can change the site's theme to dark mode instead.
The profile language display changes the flag displayed by your username on your profile.
The display language setting changes the display of your UI. This feature is in different levels of development for different languages.
You can write a biography about yourself.

Upload Settings
If you upload a lot or if you're the main uploader for your group, you can change the default language of your upload and you can default the 1st group slot on the upload page to your own group so that you don't have to change it every time you upload a new chapter.

Reader Settings
Images can load all on one page. Images can fit width or height. You can disable click to change page. You can change these settings in your profile and in the reader itself.

Filter Settings
You can display the hentai toggle to make the hentai toggle appear in the cog button menu.
You can change the default filter language to change what language scans you see appear. This will also affect the language that appears on RSS feeds.
If you turned on the display hentai toggle from before, here is where you can find the toggle to allow Hentai to be displayed.

Globe Menu
The globe menu in the navbar contains both language filters you can find in your profile settings.
The first filter allows you to quickly change languages of scanlation you want displayed by selecting the languages you want and then clicking the button to confirm it. This also affects what languages show on your RSS feed.
You can quickly change the language displayed on the UI.

Manga Menu
Advanced Search
You can search by manga title, author, artist, language of origin, and by story genres.
You can sort results alphabetically, by number of comments, by rating, by manga cover page views, by bookmarks, and by last updated.
Sorting only works in expanded list view and simple list view.
More search features are in development.

Featured Manga
A page that displays all manga with currently airing anime this season.

Import Your Old Batoto Follows
To import your follows from the previously closed, go to (Vatoto is a forum mirror host by the previous owner of Batoto.) Log in with your old credentials. Go to your follows page. Right click on the JSON (full) file and save as. Open the JSON file in a text program such as Notepad. Select all of the text in the file. Copy it. Paste the results into the import page and click Upload. The site will then immediately work on assigning all of your old follows from your Batoto account to your MangaDex account.
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Jan 24, 2018
Oh wow, I had never noticed this thread.
Big ups to you for going thru all this.
I'm glad you even explained how to switch to the Dark Theme, you bloody user of the :whitetheme: !
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