[Mainsite] Signing in while on a title opened using /manga/random causes it to get randomized again [Fixed]

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Jan 7, 2023
Steps to Reproduce:
1. Log out completely from MangaDex (or in my case, I was logged out since its been a while)
2. Click on Random manga button on the sidenav
3. A title loads up, and the webpage link changes to be something like mangadex.org/title/random -> mangadex.org/title/$UUID
(realize you're logged out and need to sign in to add it to your lists)
4. Sign In to mangadex
(fwiw, I clicked the Guest avatar and clicked on the clickable rectangular portion with Guest written on the center)
5. Notice where you land back in after you're signed in

Actual Behavior:
After successfully signing in, get landed on a completely different title

Expected Behavior:
Since at Step 3, the title changes, I expected to see that title again after coming back signed in

Would be a plus if I could see the Randomizer button again after I signed in ofc, but tis fine even if fixing this removes that somehow
Feb 18, 2023
I made a "side question" about this, here.
I believe that the random button would make more sense if /manga/random just did a simple redirect to the target manga link, perhaps with a, idk, ?randomized=true or something appended to the url to make the reroll button show up? 🤔

My 2 cents 🙂
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Oct 9, 2019
/title/random seems to be in a pretty hacky state. If you click any of the other buttons (like art, related, etc.), it changes the URL back.
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