My Dog Becomes a Human - Ch. 20 - My Dog Becomes Human (A Father's Return Part 1)

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Nov 20, 2023
Hm, so it's an isolated thing? (i guess a worldwide thing would cause panic) That would be one way for a tourism city to make money

Tho, if someone's in the neighboring city and decides to take a walk and steps in the affected city's 'border', would they transform?🤔​

And that's the story about how Ponta got Neutered
Well, idk how it is in japan but i hear some cities i think you have to have them neutered/up to date on shots and maybe even chipped before you're allowed to take them in (i know there are those cats with the tip of their ear missing means that they were caught and released after being neutered lol)
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Mar 11, 2019
Yes, dad awakened a new kink, whatever. Now tell me the story of that tall dog on the left, is that the female version of the alucard dog?

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