Request and Suggestions for improving site speed on low-band networks. (T-Mobile's been wild lately 40KB/s to 50MB/s)

Nov 27, 2018
My Internet has been shoddy lately, and no it is not just MangaDex being overrun with new users. So I was thinking maybe sometime in the future is may be a benefit to have MangaDex sort of allow some simple optimizations.

0. General "My Internet Sucks" option in profile that toggles all available performance gains options on.
1-A. Setting in profile to turn off loading of user Profile Pictures.
1-B. Or set them all to default. Easier to load 1 rather then 5. (Yes, my internet is sometime this bad.)
2-A. Setting to prefer Compressed format's over format's like PNG. (If you want High-res you should probably buy the official thing)
2-B. Or alternatively load a smaller resized version of image. (Image Galleries do this a lot.)
3. Setting to prefer black and white versions only. (Probably Not)
4. Option to reject non-uniform image resolutions. (AKA when a translator for a WebToons uploads a Gigantic image for their Group and it doesn't match at all with the WebToons size or resolution)

Additional Ideas:
A: Instead of Progress 0-100%, Show 0 - x MBs (Maybe a toggle option. )
B: When viewing updates some of them show updates for other languages or already chapters. This confuses me greatly.
C: When starting a Manga with reading 1/2 through, can we get an option to say continue from here. Which just basically adds the reading Vol # Ch # starting with that chapter.
D: The Quick Search Bar doesn't have an option for 'forums'. So sorry if any of theses are duplicates.

Stupid things if you still reading:
~ Will someone let the Path Network Affiliate know their android app link doesn't work anymore. Just goes to an app does not exists page.
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Mar 27, 2018
With regards to:

2: Low-resolution alternative image server for those with slow internet speed is planned

4: In this case you really should get on the group's case about that. Webtoons were generally designed with reading on phones in mind and probably shouldn't be rendered actively hostile to phones by scan groups

B: If you're referring to the "Last updated" times, getting those to respect your language filter settings, that is planned. If you're talking about seeing chapters in a language you can't read, click this link to find out how to fix that

C: An option to click a single button to continue where you left off (chapter-wise) in a given manga is planned

D: There is no forum search at all, currently. It should be implemented once the forum software switches to Xenforo in a coming update

There's a sticky thread at the top of the forum called "READ FIRST: Planned and Rejected Features", which you should read first if you want to know if anything you're going to suggest has already planned or has been rejected.
Nov 27, 2018
I have no clue how to target a reply to someone. @MrIncognito
2. I didn't see the low resolution first time around, probably cause I searched low-res instead of low res. Thanks for pointing that out something to look forward to. (But the methods for how are still valid. )
4. With how group's are acting in regards to MangaDex not sure if complaining directly too them would actually 'solve' anything compared to some internal resizing system.
B. Nice to know it's planned, Was talking about first issue not second.
C: I was talking about when you start a new chapter 1/2 the series it doesn't record that as the last chapter read for Vol # Ch #. Which is how I assume how pick up where left off is gonna work off of.
D: Neato, Didn't see it in planned nice to see it exists within the rework.

Note: I did read the list, Ctrl+F. However reading on a phone screen a very long list means I will sometimes miss things. Thank-you for the response in regards to my post. Nice to have feedback.
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Mar 12, 2018
It already shows whether youve "read" a chapter. But it only (if its a followed series) shows whether you've opened the chapter or not (because it doesnt track that youve read X pages).

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