Modern Technology and service for Scanlation work

Feb 23, 2020
Hi, today technology are advanced very much that there so many great tool that can be use to help working with scanlation. although quality can questionable this open very much possibility and reduce workload of team ( and possibly spam shitload of lq scanlation upload).

Here are list of new and some old tool.
Disclaimer : Tool that i list below are Legal or open source tool that use to work with art project or Image Proccesing. Some tool are result of individual scientific research to improve daily life or collaborative project for fun. Misuse or abuse are not Creator responsbility, please read each tool Term of use and EULA. consider to check you local law (UK/Japan/Korea) if use of this tool may or not can drag you into legal matter,
By : akrolsmir
Link: are web base Manga editor with feature
  • AI-based Japanese detection & translation
  • Bubble dragging and resizing
  • Typesetting controls
about author : akrolsmir are leader of flow scan group, he also sofware enginer freelancer .

by : lllyasviel
Link :
Style2paints V4 is an open source AI driven lineart colorization tool.( tool to help colorize page)
Currently dev working on v5 with more advanced capability.

By : Capture2text Dev team
Link :
De facto standard on scanlation work.
"Capture2Text enables users to quickly OCR a portion of the screen using a keyboard shortcut. The resulting text will be saved to the clipboard by default". It support multiple language capture and easy for beginner to use.

by : Swirt

TyperTools is PS CC extension designed for typesetters working with manga and comics script. Its purpose is to simplify the routine tasks of working with text, such as placing it on an image, aligning the text and performing style management.
Typer tool require PS 2015 CC with OS windows 8 or above. it open source project and also work on linux and mac os.

by : nagadomi
Live Demo/test :
Waifu2 are most important tool when you work as cleaner. Waifu2x are Image Super-Resolution for Anime-style art using Deep Convolutional Neural Networks. And it supports normal photo as well. basicly this tool make image more clean and easy to edit when using PS or Gimp.
So whats tool you use or know ?

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