Tenkousaki no Seiso Karen na Bishoujo ga, Mukashi Danshi to Omotte Issho ni Asonda Osananajimi datta Ken - Vol. 4 Ch. 21 - Because You're Special

Jan 21, 2018
What a terrible mom. She was never really there for her daughter and now the first thing she does when they meet is slap her in the face and give her an existential crisis? Unless Haruki was the product of rape, Ms. Mao Takura only has herself, her decisions and her actions to blame: her innocent daughter never asked to be born from her. It could be worse, she could've slept with some married producer for some industry favors and that was how Haruki was conceived.

Minamo might be technically a love rival, but she's also a genuine friend. Unlike that other guy who's been getting too much screentime lately. Thank goodness she was there before things could've gotten worse for Haruki. I almost wanted to blame Hayato for not being there but that's just wrong, there's no way he couldn't have known.

Maybe I really am still reading this for Haruki. She's just a cinnamon roll and I can't even blame her for romance with Hayato not progressing, and it's certainly NOT due to lack of trying on her end. She loves him, but unfortunately he falls short on his end. So here he is again with his carelessly smooth moves including giving her a spare key to his flat... but I remain unconvinced about his feelings. I don't want to feel like he's (unintentionally) leading her on if he doesn't actually have any romantic feelings for her. This ain't progress if he's being all platonic from his side.

Oh, and Kaido can fuck off, thanks. He hit on Haruki again and his lack of respect for her decision to show him time and time again she's not romantically interested in him is an unfunny joke I can go without.
Dex-chan lover
Apr 24, 2020
kaidou sounds chill. and with him getting rejected, now the rumour about him aiming for nikaido would be proven true and ended with rejection even though its clearly false.
Mar 7, 2024
Why the fuck yall so hating? This totally wholesome with some little drama and this aint even heavy, i know the mc is not very romantic but atleast he aint an idiot like the other suckass shy boi manga. Trust me this manga is good for those who dropped just becauss of the little drama they just snowflakes lmao fuckin ass noob weeb.

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