Complete Server Overhaul, New Affiliate, and Banner Update

Complete Server Overhaul, New Affiliate, and Banner Update

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Jan 24, 2018
Hallo hallo, hope you all enjoyed the two weeks of DDoS and server upgrades. Sadly all things must come to an end.

Infrastructure Changes Complete, Site Goes Vroom Vroom
It took a few days to get the configurations right but we've successfully migrated and replaced basically our entire server setup as we mentioned we were planning on doing in the previous announcement. I'm sure you've already noticed the site feels significantly faster as a result. Shout out to the devs that spent entire days and nights to finish the transition as fast as possible. Our new totallysuperawesome servers are multitasking work that was previously assigned to several smaller servers in our previous setup, simplifying our infrastructure and making future upgrades more straightforward. Any upgrades to our infrastructure will simply involve purchasing an additional API/slave DB server as the site load demands it.

The database desyncs that made comments disappear, chapters vanish, and following things impossible should be dealt with for good now that our slave servers are significantly beefier. The desync problem occurs when a database slave is unable to write new information because it's too busy trying to serve the traffic being handed to it, causing the site to show outdated information until the slave becomes free enough to copy the more recent information from the master database. If it's never able to catch up, then the site gets caught in a time paradox where one server is minutes or even hours behind. Thankfully the new database slaves should be high-spec enough that this is no longer a regular occurrence. If they do get overloaded again, all we need to do is throw in another slave.

The subdomain now works perfectly and we have enough confidence in it that the reader is now using it as well. The problem with the API subdomain before was the inability to invalidate cached items between different memcached instances. As we only have a single memcached source now, it should always be up to date, meaning no more problems for Neko/Tachiyomi/anything else reliant on our API. Any attempts to use will be redirected for now but in a few days the requests will just be blackholed because redirecting requests takes up precious resources. We strongly suggest changing your code to the API subdomain as soon as you can.

Old server infrastructure and costs:[ul]1 webserver - $100
1 master database server - $90
1 API server - $100
1 slave database/image archive servers - $140
2 slave database VPS - $30 each
1 slave database server - covered by rdn
1 data-saver server - $50
1 cache server - $140
MangaDex@​Home backend - $30
MangaDex@​Home metrics - $30
CDN for recent uploads/DDoS Protection - $180
Reverse proxy - covered by Path
CDN for older uploads - covered by MangaDex Network

Total Cost: $920/mo[/ul]New server infrastructure and costs:
1 webserver/master db/MangaDex@​Home backend - $250 (Nickname: Ichika)
2 API/slave db server - $250 each (Nicknames: Nino/Miku)
1 slave database/image archive servers - $140
1 slave database server - covered by a dev
CDN for site assets/DDoS Protection - $180
Reverse proxy - covered by Path
CDN for chapter images - covered by MangaDex Network/MD@​H

Total Cost: $1070/mo[/ul]Donations, Affiliates, and Onramper
Our freedom to upgrade our servers when we need to is only possible thanks to the generosity of our users who donate to support MangaDex. We understand that the process of donating cryptocurrency isn't something that everyone is totally familiar with, which is why we've had to promote our affiliates more in recent times, luckily for us we managed to pick up an affiliate that makes the donation process simple.

Our new affiliate, Onramper, provides a fiat on-ramp service that allows you to purchase cryptocurrency and donate it directly to us through their widget that is currently up on our donation page. The widget is currently set up so that any purchases made through it go directly to our wallet address, but the general version of the widget can be used to purchase any of their 75+ cryptocurrencies they have available for purchase at the moment. They're currently waiving their usual 1% fee on transactions due to the non-profit nature of our site and we're grateful for it. Even though the widget doesn't allow people to anonymously purchase cryptocurrency, it's still useful from a convenience perspective. We strongly recommend reading about the transaction fees that each gateway enforces before making donations through Onramper, although they will always show you which gateway is most cost-effective for the amount entered.

Much thanks to the people who decided to run a MangaDex@​Home client to support the MangaDex Network (in particular those who purchased VPS's from our affiliates or the people who downloaded Immortal Taoists using our affiliate link. It really does extend the lifetime of the site by a significant amount. If you can't or don't want to donate crypto, our affiliates are always the next best thing!

Affiliate Banners
Speaking of affiliates, we're now up to a total of 8 user submitted banners for the front page banner. If you're interested in submitting your own design, feel free to DM me here on MangaDex or on our Discord server instead. Ideally, the tone of the banners should be more humorous/parody/shitposty-like, we're not desperate for money. It's just a gentle reminder that the donation/affiliate page exists while doubling as an excuse to have fun with our commonly forgotten mascot. You can view the current collection of banners on Imgur, along with our general art collection here. We're getting banners at quite a regular rate, at some point we may pick and choose the best ones that fit the tone we're trying to convey.

Thanks for the patience these past few weeks, see you all in the next announcement.
Dec 5, 2019
Dex-chan lover
Jul 20, 2019
I think a banner system like has, would be the pinnacle of nice banner things. You should frankly think about it.

Edit: Onramper doesn't take paypal ;-;
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Feb 16, 2020
I can't believe BD8 shot carbotaniuman in cold blood.
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