Reincarnation Coliseum - Vol. 4 Ch. 19 - Risk Your Life, Use The Moment While It Lasts

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Aug 27, 2018
So Muszashi is going to get a gender change & possibly a big orgy in the next chapter or 2. Overall a great fight & Mikagami got to experience another close death so he probably didn't hear her love for him. Thanks for the translations.
Dex-chan lover
May 15, 2019
Art is great as usual.
Ruined by hamfisted coloring of the final panel as usual. And some egomaniac actually put their twatter handle on it too :kek:
Looks better in black and white.


Edit; Also, something I found out, that "I love you" (aishiteru) is apparently not just your everyday "I love you", but a mega version. She's down hard now.

Ai – 愛​

Meaning: love

Pronunciation: ah-ee (or “aye”, like a sea captain)

About: Does Japanese have a word for love? Yes. Love in Japanese is ai. The verb is aisuru (愛する), to love.

And to say I love you in Japanese, you would say aishiteru (愛してる).

Aishiteru is a gender-neutral term. So, to say I love you to a man, you’d say aishiteru yo, and to a woman, aishiteru wa. But – and this is a big but – it’s almost never used.

Seriously, don’t go tossing aisuru around in conversation. Aisuru is not for how you feel about a bowl of ramen, no matter how great that ramen is. It’s not the right word for asking someone to be your girlfriend. It’s a deep expression of emotion, usually reserved for the most romantic or heartfelt moments of a person’s life, and even then? It’s a lot. It’s for weddings, proposals, death beds, not as a thank you for doing the dishes.
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